What is Easy 1Up about? A Review

what is easy 1up about (a review)

Product Name:  Easy 1Up System

Website URL: www.Easy1Up.com

Owner: Peter Wolfing

Price: $25 with $5 admin fee up to $2000 with $500 admin fee, and other upsells

Worth It Rating: 2 out 10

Okay, is it safe to assume that you have tried some other ways to make money online?  As you probably have read my “About Bob” blog post, you know I have tried some myself. I thought that I would make money quickly too. I will have to be honest, there is nothing out there that will make money fast online.

There are good ones and there are scams. I hope to be able to wade through many of the possibilities out there. This review hopefully will answer the question: what is Easy 1Up about?

Who Are They?

Are you wondering who they are?  I would classify them more as a Multi-Level Marketing site than affiliate marketing as they say they are. There are differences between what is true affiliate marketing and what Easy1Up says they are.

First off, true affiliate marketing is when you sign up with an affiliate network to have an account with them. You are given a link with a code that identifies you as an affiliate with the network. Anyone clicks that link from your website and go to the website of the network you have an account and buys something. It will either be the product you have the link attached to or something else as long as the link is how they got there.

One thing you need to know…there is NO markup on the price of the item because of your link to it. The item is still the normal price that anyone else pays without the affiliate link to get there. The only difference is you get credit for the sale and the affiliate network pays you a commission for the sale of that item.

That’s it!! It’s as simple as that.

Easy1Up doesn’t do that. They give you a link to use as your “affiliate link” and then when someone clicks it, they go to a website given to you by Easy1Up. The person pays you the signup cost through whatever payment system you use. You then give them their login code and temporary password to get on the Easy1Up website. Then they pay Easy1Up the admin fees and then they are a member.

What product are they selling?…nothing but access to Easy1Up.com. Not really affiliate marketing. Because they are under your sponsorship and you benefit from the 2nd person that signs up with them only. That’s why I say it’s more like an MLM and not affiliate marketing. I’ll explain more about it later when I go over the different compensation plans and levels within the Easy1Up system.

WA LINK - Call To Action

What Makes Their Success/Failure?

Now, one thing I need to inform you about them…it’s their success and not yours. It may be more of a failure to you unless you’re willing to pay the bigger bucks for the higher levels in their compensation system. Again, this will be explained in the details in the next section.

Now, let’s say I sponsor you…hypothetically under the Easy1Up system. After you pay me, I let them know you are paid. I give you access to the website. You log in and pay the admin fee, which is 10% of the amount you paid me in the middle four tiers or levels. After you have your site and someone comes in under you, you keep the money they paid.

The second person that joins has to pay me to get access to the system. But, everyone that gets in under you from now on pays you. Oh, there’s a catch…they have to come in under you either at the same level as you or lower than you. If someone enters through your link and signs up at a level above you…then they pay the next person at a level equal to them…but not you.

Again, not really affiliate marketing is it?

The Details…

Ok, I mentioned levels or tiers…here they are and the amount of money you have to pay for access at that level + admin fees:

Elevation:              $25 + $5 admin fee

Elevation Elite:      $100 + $10 admin fee

Vertex:                   $250 + $25 admin fee

Vertex Elite:           $500 + $50 admin fee

Vertex Pro:            $1000 + $100 admin fee

Vertex Live:           $2000 + $500 admin fee

There is also an upsell in the system, its called “Leads Appointment Booker Membership”. This will cost you $9.95 a month or $67 one time payment for forever access.

Oh wait, one more upsell “Endless Leads” – I got a message that said: “sorry no access unless Leads Appointment Booker Member first”.

Oh, as I mentioned that “I got a message…”, yeah you got me…I did try them and am still a member. I joined at the Elevation level. So, yeah I paid $25 + $5 admin fee, so that means I am a member for life.

Then sometime later I got an e-mail that told me “congratulations, XXXX signed up through your link, but they signed up as Vertex Elite. We are sorry but they paid me and if you pay for your Vertex Elite membership you could have benefitted from their payment. Instead, their payment went to me.”  

That e-mail came to me from my sponsor in the Easy1Up system. So, I missed an opportunity for $500. I’m not real happy about that, I didn’t know how their system worked until I got that e-mail.

One more thing they don’t tell you until you sign up is that you need a website to link advertisements. They do not want you to link to your profile page in Easy1Up either. It is suggested that you advertise in online classifieds, like backpage.com oops, that page has been shut down by the FBI…it appears there was other stuff going on at that classified site.

You also received a list of “how-to’s” with your payment for membership…at least that’s what I got with my $25. Either way, it wasn’t really clear to me how to actually make money with their system.

So, in a nutshell, I received a list of different classified websites to create ads and somehow get traffic to my site. I also received a list of ads to use with the classified websites. Oh, they also gave me a landing page but did not tell me how to edit the information to make it usable by me…or how to create my own website to use for the links on the classified sites.

If you click this blue bar (below) it will take you to the #1 platform for learning how to build websites for affiliate marketing. Easy1Up gives you everything. But, if you stop placing ads, you stop earning. In fact, the more I think of it, I would lean more towards calling this a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme instead of an MLM.

what it easy1up about? WA - Call To Action

How Long Will It Take to be Profitable?

That is the million-dollar question, right there. I never made any money with their system. Maybe I just didn’t understand it or know how to use it. There was hardly any information to point me in the right direction. A BIG FAIL on their part. There was one link that pointed me to a payment setup page. It was called PaySpree…I clicked it and I got a redirect to where I am today.

It was the best thing that ever happened to me. But, I will get to this later…I have gotten myself side-tracked…

How long did it take me to make money with Easy1Up?  I never did. I didn’t know how…

There wasn’t anything to tell me how to do it…

So, when I got the redirect…it brought me to Wealthy Affiliates… oh and my sponsor at WA…is a member with the username of PaySpree… imagine that.

Did WA do that to me…NO! That member did that…do I really care if he makes a commission from my membership…not really. Because I know what I actually have at WA. Maybe that was his whole scheme…who knows…or maybe he had a website that was a third party paysite, that was no longer active.

He got me there dishonestly…but I am better off for it. He only makes a commission from my membership, not what I do there…nor does he make any money from my website…only I make money from that. That is why I say Easy1Up is MLM. You are signing people up for memberships only…no product is shipped or downloaded as software for the money you pay.

So, the next question is…

Who Can Do It?

Anyone? No, not really… you have to have some knowledge of building a website and know-how to design it in a way that promotes their system. You have to know how to modify the example page or copy they give you to create your own in the same way they set up.

Did I know how to do that? NO!

Do I know how to build a website now? Yes, but not from them…lol!

Just kidding…well…not really. I do know the basics…did they show me? NO!

Wealthy Affiliates did that for me. I learned how to build a website by following the training that I received at WA. That is the beauty of WA…you are getting everything you need for FREE! Unless you sign up for the Premium membership…then you are REALLY getting more for your money. Again, see my review of WA for more information if that is what you really want to know.

Worth the Time and Money?

I want to say NO! Only because if affiliate marketing is what you are looking for Easy1Up is not affiliate marketing…I classify it as more of an MLM than affiliate marketing.

I apologize for plugging WA…I wasn’t planning on even mentioning it here in this blog post. It is just that I am sold whole-heartedly on WA. I am unashamed of my feelings about them…the methods used at WA are just so much better to me. There are just so many advantages to them that I just cannot help myself. There is one thing that I want to be sure of is that I did an effective job explaining Easy1Up and there is no question of what is Easy1Up about.

Thanks for stopping by and I would love to know if you’ve ever done what I did and fallen for the quick sell. So, leave a comment below.

I wish you the best in all you do.



Product Name: Easy 1Up System

Website URL: www.Easy1Up.com

Owner: Peter Wolfing

Price: $25 with $5 admin fee up to $2000 with $500 admin fee, and other upsells

Worth It Rating (1-10): 2



18 thoughts on “What is Easy 1Up about? A Review”

  1. Bob, that definitely seems a little sketchy. The whole part about only being able to recruit people at lower levels leaves me confused. I can only imagine that you were very unhappy when you got that email. Since I am very new to the affiliate marketing scene, can you please explain the difference between a referral system and a MLM one? Thanks.

    • I will do my best to explain this…to me a referral system is just a way to refer you to a website it can use landing pages or e-mail system with links…I think. It may even just take you to a third party website and not sell anything to you or try to get you to buy anything…I guess.

      MLM, or Multi-Level-Marketing is an actual company that will sign you up and sometimes they will actually sell products. You are working with an “upline sponsor” and anyone you sign up also is part of your sponsor’s “downline” and your sponsor will also make either commissions, points, or even actual sales based on what everyone in their “downline” makes.

      MLM’s are not all bad, some are very good and effective…you just have to find one that is honest and isn’t all about just signing you up for the purpose of making money off your work. As long as your “upline” sponsor is doing the same thing as you and also making money from his/her own efforts and not just yours.

      I hope I explained this well enough for you…I’m no expert, just a guy with a little bit of experience with MLM’s – one in particular…I’ll have a post on this eventually.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I wish you the best,


  2. Thanks for this great review about Easy 1 Up. I recently ran across this program, and like you I basically took it as a complete scam.

    And even though I didn’t sign up for it — it seems like it was a good idea since you said you make no money with this system.

    Honestly I don’t know how their still running when they don’t even have a real product to sell. Do you think this website will get shut down soon?

    • I don’t really have an answer for that, but as long as there are people “buying” their idea…they will continue. 

      Hence, the reason for my post. 

      Thanks for stopping by and reading this. 

      Take care and I wish you all the best,


  3. This is very  expensive scam and the guys who own this is enjoying life while his subjects are wallowing in poverty trying all their way possible to make the scam to work for them so at least their  investment can be repaid.and while they are  doing so they still making  him more richer in this kind of stuff scams we need  a blogger like you to let us know where not to put our money

    • Hi Charles, I do know that I try to keep up with the scams and the good ones. This is only my second review on any websites…my first being about Wealthy Affiliates and I am totally sold on them. In fact, as I mentioned in that review…also a member there too. But, very happy with that program. 

      Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all the best in your future…


  4. Hi Bob,

    Thank you for taking the time to write this article. There are so many different “ways to make money” online and it’s hard to figure out which product to choose.

    I’m sorry you had a bad experience but I applaud you for sharing that information so other people can make a decision with all the knowledge gained through your experience.

    • Hi Nancy, it wasn’t too bad for me. I did only spend $30 total on it…at least I didn’t do the Vertex Elite and fork out $2500 on that, only to find out that there was no way to make money on that also. 

      Mine was a cheap lesson…LOL!

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


  5. I don’t really think it is fair that someone can do all the hard work to get someone to join a program and someone else gets paid for it when they didn’t to anything. 

    That seems like the fastest way to not get anyone to promote a brand or any business for that matter. It doesn’t surprise me that a lot of people hate MLM’s because of that reason and a host of other reasons as well.

    • Hi Jesse, I agree with you. But, I have to caution that not all MLM’s are bad. There are some good ones out there.

       Hopefully, as I see or discover them I will write a review on them. I won’t say a good one is bad just because it’s an MLM.

      I will call them out if they are bad though. There are a few that I know of that actually work well and I hope to shed some light on the good and bad ones. 

      Take care and I wish you the best,


  6. Dear Bob,

    Thanks a lot for the helpful review and I loved how easy your review post makes it for readers. No additional research required.

    Nowadays there are 1000’s of make money online products are launched on a daily basis and it is really hard for the people to find the genuine products or programs due to many scams and products which under-delivers. So genuine and unbiased review posts like yours plays a vital role in helping and guiding people.

    After reading your post its better for me to stay away from this program and your post is saving people time, trouble, money and effort.

    Wishing you much Success!


    • Thanks for the compliment Paul. I cannot really say I am totally unbiased…I am a member of Wealthy Affiliates and am very pleased so far with what they have to offer. Of course at least they do offer a whole lot on their platform so I am getting my money’s worth with them.

      The one thing is that Easy1Up and WA are not in direct competition with each other as they each have very different ways of doing things. 

      Thanks for reading and commenting and I hope for the best for you in the year to come.


  7. Thank you for sharing this great review about this program call easy1 up. I’m sorry for what happen to you with this program but at least thanks to easy1up you found Wealthy affiliate.

    I’m glad you writing this article so more people think about it before join this platform.and like all MLM programs are time and money wasted.

    • Hi and thanks for stopping by. I am also glad that I found WA through this program. However, I do caution about calling all MLM’s bad. Not all of them are bad. I do know of a few good ones out there and hope to mention them in future reviews.

      I wish you all the best,


  8. I just started using Wealthy Affiliate recently and I can see why you love it so much.
    Everyone here is just so helpful and kind. I actually learned how to make a site and how to maintain, and continue updating it with new content.

    And then there are these kinds of programs which miss the margin of being called a scam just by the fact that it is “possible” to make money with them.

    I’m sure everyone reading this will appreciate what you have done by exposing this program for what it is, and don’t be ashamed for plugging in Wealthy Affiliate 😜

    • Thanks Joe, I have to call it the way I see it. If its bad, I’ll say so. I try not to use the word scam unless it really is one and there is no way for anyone to make any money at all. It’s just that Easy1Up makes it difficult for just anyone to make money immediately without realizing that you have to get others in at the same level your in to make money with it. 

      That’s why my rating was a 2 for it. 

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great night I wish you all the success at WA


  9. Ahhhh good EXPOSE so to say LOL.

    I would call it a Ponzi scheme scam not an MLM. Poor MLM has such a bad rep. Ya know some of then best business minds in the world if you asked the what the first thing you should do to go into business if you have limited capital is to find a REPUTABLE MLM. This is because Multi Level Marketing is a good business model if it is centered around a good product and honest people. There has been so many that have bastardized the model for their own benefit. It is those sleazy people not the business model that is at fault. Look at giants like Amway and Mary Kay, they are millionaire makers.

    This is definitely not affiliate marketing as you pointed out, affiliate marketing is one level! I really have trouble with the semantics nowadays as the multi level industry tries to re-brand itself. I am with one company that now has 2 levels, affiliates n sub affiliates LMAO More than one level is multi level duh if it looks like a duck n walks like a duck then ………

    Thanks for the look see on this company and I will shy away on your advice!
    WA sounds like the WAY

    onward n upward

    • Hey there Capt., I suppose you are correct in what you say as far as a Ponzi scheme. Maybe I should make a change and note it differently…or not. My biggest point is that they say that they are affiliate marketing and they definitely are not that. It really doesn’t matter what they really are, I needed to point out to beginners in the affiliate marketing arena that Easy1Up is not what they say they are. Thanks for stopping by.

      I wish you the best,


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