What is 5 Minute Money Machines? [Review]

5 Minute Money Machines [Review]

Product Name: 5 Minute Money Machines

Website URL: 5minutemoneymachines.com

Owner/Creator: Mark and Vicky Barrett

Price: $6.95 initial cost (front end), with multiple upsells of $37, $47, $4.95 trial, $67/month, $27, and $37.

Worth It Rating (1-10): 5

I know I mention it in most of my reviews, but here we are again with another system trying to say that affiliate marketing can be easy to do. This one claims to be only 5 minutes of prep and set up by cutting and pasting, then thousands of dollars a month will come rolling into your PayPal or bank account.

So, this time like the other times I have reviewed other sites or systems I hope will help you understand one thing: What is 5 Minute Money Machines (I will use 5MMM, from here on out)? Sit back and let me explain it to you and then you decide whether it is a scam. I am only going to tell you what I feel about it as to how “worth it” it is.

Who Are They?

I am debating on how to answer this. 5 Minute Money Machines is a cloud-based marketing system created by Mark and Vicky Barrett. In the sales video, Mark tells you it’s a “cut-and-paste” system that will give you thousands of recurring income each month. He basically says that it will only take up to 5 minutes and you can be making money.

He claims that no technical skills are needed to do this. All you need is this system. I don’t know about you, it sounds too good to be true to me. How can you make money without any work involved? I have to say it in the beginning here. I cannot go very long here without saying it sounds very much like a scam to me.

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Mark tells you in his sales video that you have to create two accounts and copy and paste an affiliate link from your first to the second account and that’s all it takes.

What Makes Their Success/Failure?

In reality, the success of 5MMM is really very simple. They get people to sign up to their system and then they show you how to sign up to another platform for free. If you decide to upgrade your membership in the other platform then they make a $23.50 commission from you each and every month. Yes, this is a recurring income. And they promise to help you do the same.

That is only one account that you have just set up. The second account is Udimi, which is a SoloAds marketing campaign to help drive traffic to the website you just created. So, you are buying e-mail lists and sending them out to them in e-mails or on Ad websites to bring traffic to your website.

Oh, and the $23.50 commission sounded really familiar to me and I’ll show you a little later where the commission comes from. Oh, and 5MMM aren’t the ones paying you for your referrals or them for their referrals for that matter.

Is it unethical or a scam? Not at all…or at least I cannot say it is. In fact, it is rather ingenious if that is the way you want to make money.

You see the platform they show you how to sign up and create a website with is Wealthy Affiliate. The exact same platform I promote with my website. The difference is they don’t blog as I or many others at Wealthy Affiliate do and they aren’t building a relationship with their visitors to their website.


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They aren’t establishing themselves as an authority in their respected niche. Like many at Wealthy Affiliate are actually doing.

The Details…

OK, as I mentioned above…you sign up with them and then they show you in a video how to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate, and then they show you a second video to sign up with Udimi. The SoloAds campaign website. You buy e-mail lists and send out the e-mails to start the sales campaign.

I signed up to see what exactly you get with their system…luckily at the time, it was free. Heck, it may still be free, and does it work? For a short time, it may, but unless you keep up the e-mail campaign sooner or later the referrals will dry up and the true commissions will slow down.

Is it the way Kyle and Carson originally set up the WA platform to do for affiliate marketers? Absolutely not! They promote the platform as a top line of training and how to build websites, create a niche, and how create keyword lists for the purpose of writing content for your website.

You may either create your own website for the purposes of establishing yourself as an authority in your niche or you promote Wealthy Affiliates with your website. Either way, it’s your choice as to what you do with your website. Wealthy Affiliates never push you to go in a certain direction with it.

They also show you how to develop proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the purposes of getting ranked by Google. All this with the purpose of creating professional websites for monetizing content for the use of placing affiliate links on the website and earning commissions through affiliate programs with companies like Amazon, Google AdSense, and many other affiliate links.

Mark also offers upsells to WarriorPlus and Global Profit System. I ended up getting them for free…but my worry is how long will they be free. Will I end up paying after about 30 days or so? I guess I’ll find out and it’ll be after I publish this review…we will see and I will provide an update here if I get charged. If not, the question will always remain open…

******Update (Sept. 11, 2019): I have not yet been charged a monthly fee to Warrior Plus or Global Profit System…so I am to assume that this part of the sign-up to those two programs is legit. At least he isn’t a bad guy after all.


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How Long Will It Take to be Profitable?

That is a very good question…as of the publishing of this article, I haven’t made any money with Mark and Vicky’s system, yet. So, as far as I am concerned, the jury is still out on this one. Apparently, they must be making money with it as they are probably getting referrals to WA and those referrals may be converting to Premium memberships.

The only thing about converting referrals is the methods of your WA promotions. Are you doing the right things to actually convert those referrals to paying Premium memberships? At the moment, statistically speaking WA conversions are usually at a 12% conversion factor. So, one in every 8 referrals actually converts to Premium.

So, how long will it take to be profitable at WA or 5MMM is dependent on how many you are referring to WA with 5MMM’s system in a month or year. Again, that is a test of time. I will attempt to use their system as an experiment compared to what I am doing with this website and see which is better. Once I have more data, I will post it to this review. So, be watching to see what my results will be.


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Who Can Do It?

That is really an easy one. The real reason is that WA is actually showing you how to build a website, not 5MMM. And based on the track record of WA, there is no reason anyone can’t do this. The trick is to follow Mark’s method to the letter and also you must follow the training at WA to the letter also.

Anyone that has used WA’s training building websites will tell you they are second to none. WA is the world’s premier platform on how to be successful online. Mark and Vicky know this and utilize it to their advantage. Again, not what Kyle and Carson designed it to do, but one way that Mark takes advantage of it and makes it work for him.

Worth the Time and Money?

As much as I would like to say no, I cannot do that. It works for them and could also work for you, at least in the short term. I don’t like the way they present it and I don’t recommend it. Mainly because I feel it circumvents the true purpose of WA and the training provided there.

I also feel it takes away from the personal nature of WA as far as establishing personal relationships at WA and your website visitors. It isn’t guaranteeing income, establishing yourself as an authority in a niche will establish you with passive income for a much longer time frame.

The methods that 5MMM promotes and uses cease if you stop with the e-mail lists. You are sort of spamming e-mail addresses with ads to promote your own website or your e-mail lists. And your traffic only continues as long as you keep buying e-mail lists and sending out spamming e-mails.

So, using WA’s true intent building a business can provide you with a lifetime of passive income, and not a short-term income. Long-term will keep you doing this the rest of your life and is more sustainable, using 5MMM’s method will end up putting you back in the situation you are in now all over again.

So, the choice is yours to check them out and/or follow their methods or check out my links to WA to see a better way of building your online presence. I recommend following the true intent of WA with the development of content and getting free traffic to your website.

Free traffic to your website is better in the long run as it provides authentic traffic and rates you higher on Google’s search results better.

In Conclusion…

I hope you enjoyed my review and I also hope I answered my original question at the beginning of this blog post… What is 5 Minute Money Machines?

Let me know how I did to answer this for you and leave me a comment.


Thanks for reading and I wish you the best in all you do!

Bob Margroff


Product Name: 5 Minute Money Machines

Website URL: 5minutemoneymachines.com

Owner/Creator: Mark and Vicky Barrett

Price: $6.95 initial cost (front end), with multiple upsells of $37, $47, $4.95 trial, $67/month, $27, and $37.

Worth It Rating (1-10): 5

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