I Am So Tired of Being Broke

Do You Keep Asking these Questions?

How often have you wondered, “is there a better way for me to make a living out there?”

How many times have you felt, “I am working so many hours and getting nowhere, how long do I need to keep working my butt off for nothing?”

How many times have you thought to yourself or even said to a significant other, “I am so tired of being broke!”?

We all have at one point in our lives.

Heaven knows I continue to ask myself this. I have found a way to get out of the non-stop rat race and I can show you how too, and I am now going to stop asking myself these questions.

But first…a little more than what you read in the “About Bob” post…

My History

I have always been a generally happy person. I grew up in Ringwood, NJ and my mom and dad taught me what I know as far as work ethic is concerned. My dad always told me, “If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time. So you don’t have to go back and repeat or do it over again.”

As a result, I developed a high standard of quality in almost everything I do. My time in the U.S. Air Force started my working future, and I did what my dad and mom did. I started with my air force career and working for a living. 

Once I finished my active duty time, I joined the reserves and simultaneously, worked a regular hourly job while in the reserves (which I then retired in December 2011). I continued working the hourly job in a bearing manufacturing plant in Sumter, SC. In fact, I’m still there today.

As I think back on my life growing up, my mom and dad didn’t have much. They worked good jobs, but they were always barely scraping by. They had to rob Peter to pay Paul many times with the bills.  

They basically lived paycheck to paycheck. And in my career so far, I followed in their footsteps.

I see myself doing much of what they did and I have slowly come to realize that after all that…I am so tired of being broke!!

My college degree will help me get better…

At least that’s what I kept telling myself…nope! It sure didn’t…hmmm…so what did I do?

I discovered there are other ways to earn an income…I tried multi-level marketing. That was relatively low cost, but I did not have a large network of friends to draw from. I had to rely on “cold contacts” and that’s just not me…

Imagine this… “Hey, have you ever thought about a better way to make a living?”, as I would walk up to a total stranger…YEAH RIGHT!!


So, multi-level marketing did not work out for me. Then about a year ago, I tried e-mail marketing…you set up a website, advertise on classified ads with a website address, and when there is a response you tell them to send you $25 and you’ll send them how to do the same thing you’re doing.

I wouldn’t call that totally honest. So, yeah there are other ways to make money, but not better. SO, now what?

A Better Way…

I recently found a better way…keep reading and you’ll discover it too…it’s called affiliate marketing.

Did you ever think of what it would be like to leverage the reliability of familiar and/or popular name brands or companies?

There is a way that you can drive traffic to companies’ websites through affiliate links from your website to theirs. If someone buys something there you can make money. Of course, you have to have a website first…aww man, you don’t have one…no problem you can learn how to make one.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of a loving community of people that care for each other?

A place where they care about your success as much as you do. In fact, it appears at times that they care more about your own success than you do.

A place where you can teach others in return and then share in their happiness of being an online entrepreneurial success.

A place where you learn from others that have been doing the same thing for years that you are now trying to do.

All at the same time, you are earning residual income from building a website and learning from others’ mistakes and/or successes and you can be successful from what you learn.

Well, stop feeling so tired of being broke!!

The place for me…

You’re probably itching to find out who or what this new thing is… well I guess I don’t need to be so secretive about it. There are reviews all over the Internet for the website platform that will deliver all the things listed above.

In fact, to save you the trouble of going anywhere else, read my review about Wealthy Affiliates to find out a little bit about them. Oh, and in case you’re wondering…I am a Premium member with them myself and I can tell you that I am happy with them and there is nothing fake about the program. 

Before you click below…one word of caution. This does require work…it is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme…

I repeat…THIS IS NOT A GET-RICH-QUICK SCHEME…There is work involved and you have to put in the work and time developing it…

So, if you aren’t afraid of a little work, give it a try for free.

Yes, you read that correctly, FREE!!! Where else on the world wide web can you create an account and start building your own website and making an online income all for free. Try it for free and if you like what you are experiencing, and only if you like it…become a Premium member.

Click below if you’re tired of saying to yourself “I am so tired of being broke” and are ready for a free account now!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

I wish you the best!



6 thoughts on “I Am So Tired of Being Broke”

  1. Dear Bob,

    Thanks for the motivating post and sharing your own story & experience.

    I too has been a workaholic. I worked in night shift for nearly 6 years in a call center (calling people to make sales). You know very well how an outbound call center works… Sales, pressure, tension, targets etc.,

    I often felt bad and frustrated. I sleep in the day and work at night lived a machine life, 10+ hours and 6 days a week. Sunday will vanish in sleeping.

    I always wanted to be my own boss working from home and tried different make money online programs but failed until I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a genuine and great platform I came across online but I am afraid of joining since I lost a lot of money on scams. I gave Wealthy Affiliate a last try by joining on November 2016…….

    Since December 2017 I am full-time blogger working from home and I am still with Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for guiding people to a genuine program.

    Things will not change we have to change it!

    Wishing you much success!


    • Thank you for your comment Paul. I am happy that I joined. I haven’t made the income level to give up my “day” job, but I have am fully trusting that it will happen. I have this site to do the job for me and I am looking forward to it as each day goes by. As you can see this is a work in progress and I will continue. I appreciate your honesty and one day will be doing what you do. I wish you the best in all you do.

      • Thanks a lot for your reply. Slowly but surely you will achieve success I have no doubt in it seeing your works in your website. Thanks again for the valuable post.


        • Thanks again for stopping by. I believe you know what Wealthy Affiliates can do for someone like me, with limited experience blogging. I appreciate your vote of confidence.


  2. Hi Bob, I am so tired of being broke too!  Like you, I spent 30 years at my job at the same company.  Luckily, my significant other is still working and I was able to “retire” at 56.  I am now in search of a good retirement career, definitely NOT a job (been there, done that), something that I can build and grow that’s not dependent upon my constant presence.

    This sounds like the right thing to me!

    • Hi Robin, thanks for your comment. I am a lot like you and that was the main reason I joined WA. I sincerely believe in their training and look forward to the success that will come as long I put in the time and effort. If you look at my review you will see that WA will fit in your plan. I wish you the best in your future.


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