The Business of Writing Successful Blog Posts

Successful Writing

I am going to ask a simple question… Do you even know what the business of writing successful blog posts even means?

Ever wonder how to write to get someone interested in what you have to say online? I want you to believe you have something important to say to anyone. 

If you have a business and/or a website, you will want to attract readers or visitors to your website. In order to do that, you need to be able to write a successful blog. I am about to help you out with that.

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There are 8 things to keep in mind if you want to be successful with writing blog posts that will attract and hold a reader’s attention.

So, without any further delay… here they are…


Keep it in mind

#1 – Keep Your Visitor in Mind

One mistake that a lot of bloggers do is they write for their own good. They just care more about getting their own thoughts out there… no matter what a reader may think. I believe I did that in my earlier posts. You need to be more in tune with the needs of your reader.

I know, you’re probably thinking… how do I do that and still get my thoughts out there? Or, what about what I think?

You can still do that, you just have to think like there is a problem you are trying to solve for your reader… think about it.

How did you find this post? Were you searching for something on Google… or was this just a random result that you just popped my title of this blog out there and BAM! My blog showed up… not very likely.

You were probably searching for a blog posting of some sort and your search query popped this blog as one of your search results and the rest is history.

So, you found me, by doing a search, and here we are. That is exactly what your readers will do as well.

Then you better think about what are they searching for and give them a solution to their problem… oh and by the way… I do hope you find your solution here.


#2 – Plan Your Content

Plan it ouNow, you may be wondering… why would I do this?

I can tell you now that if you don’t make some sort of plan, you won’t keep their interest. Your blog post will just be a rambling of your thoughts. I don’t think you want to read my random thoughts here, would you?

You would hopefully find an answer to your problem and what you are reading should lead you to that solution.

One other thing you need to be wary of: What is your reason for the blog. This goes back to #1 above.


#3 – Make Sure Your Blog is Value Added

As you can probably guess, people, in general, have short attention spans. We do not want to read a long-drawn-out blog about anything, even if it is a topic that interests us.

So, be as simple as possible… in other words use the KISS method: Keep It Simple Stupid!

You don’t want to lose the interest of your reader, or else they will go to someone else’s blog and that won’t do you any good at all.


#4 – Write Very Often

The more content you put on your website, the more Google will see you as an authority on your topic. In other words, don’t expect just one blog post to be as effective as someone else with the same topic that writes frequently.

What happens is that you begin to gain trust with your readers. They will continue to come back to your blog posts to see what else you have to say. The more you write the more they will begin to value your information and start to trust what you say in your articles.


Own it

#5 – Own It or Make It Yours

Everyone has a different style of writing. Be sure the way you write is as conversational as you are normally. How do you talk to your friends? Use the same manner of speech in your writing. You will be more interesting and keep your readers captivated by what you have to say.

Don’t be stuffy or be sure that your writing isn’t boring… again, you will lose the interest of your reader and they will definitely move on from your website.


#6 – Length

This one is tricky. Google likes length for blog posts. As a general rule, 1000 words minimum is best, but don’t write like you’re looking for the length of content. Just make your writing good quality and if you don’t always hit the minimum standard it doesn’t matter.

Google’s crawler will be looking for quality for the most part anyway. The software used by Google actually knows what quality content looks like. So, if you don’t actually make it to 1000 minimum then so be it.

By the way, you may have some that are more and some that are less and you will still find that your posts are still ranked in Google anyway.


#7 – Engage With Your Readers

It is best to be interactive, and ask questions within the content. Be a source to make them question or feel like you are in their heads. Formulate your content so that they know that you feel the same as they do. You would not believe how much your writing is actually tied in with your readers’ emotions.

I mean try to figure out why they are there and engage with that reason so that your posts are relevant to the topic or solution to their problems. You want to make sure they know that you feel it like they do.


#8 – Make It Shareable

Share knowledgeThis is the easy part… or is it? I am not so sure if they will want to read what you say, But, if it really resonates with them, then they are going to want to share it.

Be sure you have a way for them to share it with their social media. You need to have the buttons on your page somewhere so that when you say something that really hits home… they will click the “SHARE” button.

Stop and think about it… how many times do you read an article on Facebook and immediately hit “share” as soon as you finish reading because it just made sense to do so?

Exactly!! Now you see my point.



Okay, did you get what I am talking about here?

I hope so. If I did what I set out to do, I was able to help you with the business of writing successful blog posts.

Take a look at some more of my posts and reviews to see what this site is really all about. I hope you found what you were looking for.

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I wish you the best,

Bob Margroff

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