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Have you thought about what has happened in the world in the last few years? I mean think about it. COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the world and there have been all kinds of craziness going on. People buy up all the hand sanitizer they can get their hands on. Toilet paper was being bought out from all the stores and now no one is able to find any ANYWHERE. Schools closed, and sports and events that usually draw large crowds were canceled. The theme parks closed, but are now open.

What’s next?

I’ve come to a realization…now is the time to start a home-based business – FREE!


Stop and think about it. Now is a perfect time. I bet you’re wondering, why is that? Well, if you are an employee of any business, you may be in a position where you were sent home as they close their doors temporarily. They may have felt it is better for the safety of their employees.

This virus has caused widespread panic all over the world. No one wants their health to be put at risk. We all are concerned about the health and well-being of ourselves and our family members… not necessarily in that order. And if we are sent home from our jobs, we are going to be bored with our situation sitting at home.

We may even consider that our jobs are not providing for all the income possibilities for us. Let’s get real, we may be faced with using our vacation time to keep from losing any pay. What happens when that runs out? Is the employer one that will pay you anyway, but still requires you to use your vacation first?

Too many negative thoughts go through our minds of “what if?”

So, where does that put you now?

Are you currently in an “unknown” situation? You do not know if you are still going to be paid for time off. This is a bad situation to be in. We all are facing the unknown. We have no idea how this pandemic will play out in the long term. I have my faith in Christ, that God’s got this. But, there are those that do not know. I am hoping you aren’t one of them.

But, if you are… you feel you need to take matters into your own hands and make things work out for you. You feel like it is necessary to take action to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. You want to be more “in control” of your finances instead of letting an employer take care of it for you.

Let’s face it… does your employer REALLY care about your bottom line or their own? They may say they do… and there are some that really do care about their employees… but unfortunately, there are some that do not. As I write this today, I am hoping that your employer, if you have one, truly does care about your well-being. I hope that they are taking steps to minimize the financial burden you may be facing.

If you are a business owner of a brick-and-mortar business, then I hope this isn’t having a negative effect on your business as well. There are some in that situation too. This whole pandemic is causing lots of uncertainty and there is one thing that may help with that…

A different kind of business…

If you have read any of my other posts or are new to my site, affiliate marketing is another way to make money online. It is a home-based business and you may make money by blogging, then putting links on your website, then people click those links and buy something. Bam! You earn a commission. It really is that simple… and FREE!!

Really, you saw that… FREE! You read that correctly. You also have tons of information at your fingertips or mouse scrolls. Think about it. Now, there is also a paid membership and that is your choice to do. I’m offering the free version to you and not asking you to buy anything. Keep your credit card in your wallet, purse, or wherever you keep it. DO NOT take it out at all. Click here.

This link takes you to Wealthy Affiliates. They are the #1 ranked platform for learning how to create a blog website and provide you with all the training to monetize the system of affiliate marketing. They currently have 2 million members, yep you read that correctly… 2 million.

So many of those members are active as well. You cannot ask for a more motivating and positive environment either. The inspiration to write this blog post came from another member (EdwinBernard is his member name) in the “community” of Wealthy Affiliates. I even commented on one of his blog posts in the community that I may write this. And here it is.

Anyway, uncertain times call for measures to make decisions that take control out of someone else’s hands and puts it back on your own to provide for your family. I made the decision a little over 20 months ago. I am determined to be in control of my own future, with God’s help of course, if it is His will for me. Not my employer’s hands.

What do you think?

Is this something that you may consider? I would hope you would say “yes” to this.

Let me ask you this instead… do you like relying on someone else for your income?

Do you want to take control of your own income potential?

Do you feel limited by working for someone else?

And last but not least, do you like being uncertain as to whether or not your employer may give you time off?

I have to admit, it would be for your own safety, but if you are like me, you aren’t ready financially for any time off. Especially if you don’t have much vacation time to use for the time off. But it is more than likely your employer would require you to use vacation or family leave time first…

I believe that the answer to the last four questions was a resounding “NO!!”

More than likely your employer would require you to use that first.


My Final Thoughts…

In the long run, you can be your own boss. You can find a way to make an improvement in your own destiny. It’s time to stop relying on someone else to be in control of your paycheck. You can earn enough to be at home anyway, and work on your own thing. If you were your own boss, you could be working on your website and all this uncertainty of COVID-19 would not affect your income. It would not cause you any stress, of course, that is if you are stressed about it.

So, give it some thought and consider whether or not now is the time to start a home-based business – FREE!

If it is, check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review here, or just click here to join for free without checking it out.


I wish you well!!

Bob Margroff

2 thoughts on “Start a Home Based Business – FREE!!”

  1. I feel that this situation should be taken to great consideration. We are now at the stage where we should do preventive things for ourselves and family members. Due to spread of this virus and it could be rapidly and not even noticeable. FIRST AND FOREMOST. THINK HEALTH THAT IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT.

    • I cannot say that I disagree with you on this. One of the things about being cooped up in the house if we are self-isolating is working from home and that is what makes my point even more valid. My biggest reason for writing this post was for that very thing. If we are finding ourselves stuck in the house, we may as well make the best of it and work on a home-based business at the same time. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. You have a very valid point.


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