Review: – Worth the time or money? [New and Improved]

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliates

Website URL:

Owners:  Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Price: Starter: FREE; Premium: $49 monthly, $495 yearly; Premium Plus: $995 

Worth it Rating: 10 out of 10

Who is

Before answering this…there is another question needing to be answered first.

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing?

Now, you are asking…what is affiliate marketing?

Well, in a nutshell, it’s where you build (or if you already have) a website and you put either text links or banner ads on your website (affiliate links, from here on out). These links will take you to another website of a company that sells products or services.

Visitors to your site will click on these links and may buy a product or service being offered. If they do, then you get paid by the company that owns the website, because you are an affiliate for them. The more people click on the links from your site to other sites and buy stuff… the you get paid.

I think I need to clarify “you get paid”. You aren’t getting paid because there is a mark-up on the price. It is just a percentage of the normal price of the product…and the company pays you because your link brought the customer to their site.

This “getting paid” is called residual income. All you have to do is keep your site active and current.

So, now you know what affiliate marketing is, we can get an understanding of who Wealthy Affiliates (WA, from here on out) are…

They are one of the largest affiliate marketing platforms on the web. So, now you know who they are and now I will explain a little more about them and tell you what I think of them.

What makes them successful?

There are lots of reasons why they are successful. I’m only listing 7 reasons here in my review.  But, if you were to check them out deeper, you will see many other “why’s” of their success. So, here’s my list and then I will explain more of each later…

  1. Membership perks/tools [updated 3/20/2020]
  2. Founders involvement
  3. Training
  4. Income Potential [updated 4/08/2021]
  5. Successful members
  6. Site Support
  7. Affordability

Now, this list is not necessarily in any order of importance, it’s just 7 of the key factors that popped into my head at the time.


The Details…

1.  Membership perks/tools:  There are three types of memberships with WA – Starter (free) and Premium (paid)  and Premium Plus (also paid) memberships.

Starter (free) membership: (Join Here) Ability to build 1 website, 1 WordPress theme available to use, the first 10 lessons of Online Entrepreneurial Certification (soon to be Core Certification Course), first 10 lessons of Affiliate Bootcamp Training, 2 classrooms are available to ask questions, the following 3 tools for building websites: the ultimate writing platform (SiteContent), grammar and spellcheck, and template creation.


Starter members also have the use of the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool for keyword, niche, and website research. Included with this are 30 searches for keyword research and up to 30 scans to check their website ranking on Google.

These are just a few of the available tools for you to use as a starter member. Staying at this level indefinitely is an option, but you risk losing your free hosted website after 6 months. Let me explain… WA figures you have had plenty of time to try it out and decide whether or not you like it and would hope you would go ahead and join with a paid membership. You will still make residual income with your free niche site those 6 months, but really need to decide later if you are going to become a Premium member.

Hey, did I say all this is free?! But, again the Starter membership is only for about 6 months. I guess they need to make room on their server for others who are serious about building their business…so your free website may not be kept up forever. So, joining as a paid member allows you to purchase your own domain name website. 

Believe me, I think once you join with the Starter membership, you will find that you are missing out on more valuable training that could take you to the next level and the ability to buy your own website registration. And eventually, join as a Premium member.

Premium membership: (Join Here) Monthly you still pay $49, for the yearly membership you will pay $495 a year (this is a new price as of May 12, 2020). More about the perks of this further down.

You have the ability to build up to 10 websites, 3000 themes available for use on them, full access to the entire Online Entrepreneurial Certification, full access to the entire Affiliate Bootcamp Training, and all 13 classrooms are available to ask questions. You also will be able to access 52+ expert classes per year. 

Bonuses with the New Pricing:
  • 1st of all the new pricing is really like giving you 2 free months (a discount of $93)
  • A free .com Domain ($14 value)
  • 100 community credits
  • Bonus Live Class (AMA with Kyle, Succeeding in 2020) 

The following chart gives a great comparison between the Starter and Premium Memberships.

Check it out here:  

Review: the time or money?

In the above chart, the Core Certification Course is used in place of Online Entrepreneurial Certification (OEC). This is the new name since the update to the new WA platform. This made so many changes to WA and I am hoping that I updated everything on this post. Please forgive me if something is different if you check out WA and find where there is a change. I am trying to catch all of the changes as they occur, it’s just that they change things for the better so often. So, from here on out until the update of any page or posts on my website, OEC will be used. I will do my best to get the update as I go.

New feature to the WA platform:

As of May 15, 2019, there was a new feature introduced on WA, it is called the Affiliate Program platform. In the past, we had to search and comb through the Internet to find websites that provided affiliate programs for affiliate marketers…well now that has come to an end. 

WA provides a platform within the WA platform to help us be EVEN MORE successful in our affiliate marketing endeavors. You are able to search thousands of programs to find the perfect match for your website. This new platform is available to all members of WA, including Starter and Premium members alike. 

So, I had to stick this in here and I will have a blog about it in the near future and give more detail on this there. I will also link to it when I do…now back to what you were reading…

Upgrading to a Premium membership uncovers more perks, but it is not necessary for membership. And Premium Plus gives you even more, but it is sort of like bundling different features of WA without too much extra cost. If you were to pay separately for the extra features you could be paying considerately more than what they offer for $995. 


2.  Founders involvement: Kyle and Carson stay involved to help you with training and/or mentoring. It shows their commitment to the success of not only WA but your success also.

There are so many things that can be said about Kyle and Carson…they truly care about your success and will pay for a round trip all-expense trip to Las Vegas for Premium members who sign up for 300 new Premium memberships in a calendar year. 


This trip is called the Super Affiliate Conference…it shows how much they care about the continuous improvement of WA. They will meet with each attendee one on one to see where changes can be made to make things better for all of us.

WA University
Affiliate Bootcamp Screenshot

3.  Training: There are lots of different training occurring within the WA community.

Online Entrepreneur Certification – 5 phases of 10 lessons each from Kyle to help provide instruction on how to build a website at These provide very specific instructions on the use of keywords, WordPress, SiteContent, and much more to help you be successful with an online affiliate marketing business in a niche of your choice.

Affiliate Bootcamp Training – 7 phases of 10 lessons each from Kyle to help provide instruction on how to build a website to promote as a business. This direction provides specific instruction in the same areas as the Online Entrepreneur Certification, but with more focus on marketing WA as a source of income.

Along with the two training methods above, blogs from experienced members or not-so-experienced members have a way of giving insights that have a lot of value to benefit everyone in the WA community.

Some training is provided by WA members with more than 3 months’ experience for the same reasons as the blogs do above.

Videos from other members also exist in the community for the same purposes.

WA webinar with Jay
Jay Neill (WA profile: Magistudios)

Oh, I can’t forget about the weekly WAbinar (spelling is correct) that is offered on Friday nights. This is offered live for you to participate to receive instruction for using the website building tools at WA. It also serves as an update to an existing training video that exists within the WA community.

With all the changes in technology that happen so rapidly many times, these WAbinars also help to give you insight or instruction in ways to improve your website(s).

Now there is even more specialized training. WA now offers over 200+ training classes for those that pay the Premium Plus membership. These classes are from some of the top experts in the affiliate marketing world. The experts that are making considerable income from WA provide you with special added tips and tricks that they have used themselves in their own affiliate marketing businesses.

4.  Income Potential:  The income potential at WA is real. It may be gradual because it slowly builds up to a successful level to the point you are doing affiliate marketing on a full-time basis. Or as a source of income that’s just enough to supplement your current income, if you choose.

The primary way of earning residual income is by getting people to go to your website. The writing tools provided with your membership will help you with this.

Additional income may be earned by being an affiliate marketer for WA. You get paid for every member you bring to WA and if they become Premium members WA will also pay you. This could potentially pay for your membership. 



5. Successful members: The experience level of many members at WA provides a wide range of proof that this works. They all have put in the work to become successful. Kyle and Carson are two guys that have been doing this full-time since their first year…just read their profiles and the proof is in the pudding.

Did I mention everyone in the WA community is supportive of you? In the time I have been involved with WA, everyone has shown awesome support and camaraderie. There is no competition at WA, everyone working together to be successful as individuals – together.

6. Site Support: The site support solves every member’s solutions to their problems with their websites. I have not had the pleasure or misfortune with my site to utilize their skills. But, I have seen so much stated in the community about site support. Any time anyone has needed site support say the same thing as it being the best experience and problems are solved very quickly.

7. Affordability: It is either FREE as a Starter member or paid as a Premium member. Premium membership is $49 a month but as a Bonus, if you sign up as a Premium membership in the first 7 days the first month is usually only $19. You can sign up yearly or pay monthly.

The savings for the yearly works out as a better benefit for you. Yearly membership is $495, which works out to be great savings of $93 and averages out as a monthly cost of $41.25 a month or sort of like 2 free months. The Premium Plus membership is $995 a year which works out to be like $82 a month as an average monthly cost. One thing to remember is that there is so much more offered at that price… and that is only an option. You DO NOT have to join at that cost. You can stick with the standard Premium membership as I have. Don’t forget the optional bonuses given to you as well and they are all listed above. 

There was another option that was offered from the end of November to the beginning of December. It was a deal that WA offered members with awesome deals and bonus giveaways for signing up during this time. This deal has been that WA annual membership was $299, now it looks as if it may no longer be offered. They call it the Black Friday membership and I took advantage of it when it was offered in 2018. And every once in a while they offer other deals, just never know when they will be. With all the new updates to the WA platform, it is unsure of what deals will be offered or even when. It is always best to take advantage of them when they are offered if you are able. I have had to pass a few up myself. 


Ok, so how long does it take to be profitable?

I want to repeat one thing…this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme…it is possible that it may take up to 6 months for you to be successful. It is also possible to be more or less than that…it depends on how consistent you are with working on your website.

How much time you want to invest is also a factor…because that is what this is…investment in your own success.

So, if you are looking to earn fast cash…this is not for you. I say that with all sincerity. My wish for you, if you join, is to be successful and if you think being successful is earning fast cash, then I would rather see you pass this up. However, there are some really tricky scammers out there and if you read any of my reviews here on this website, you will know how to pick them out. There are some tell-tale signs as to whether or not they are scams. My usual basis is if it sounds too good to be true, you are probably reading or looking at a scam. 


Who can do this?

Basically, anyone. I am a machine operator with a bearing manufacturer, not a writer. So, if I can do it anyone can…

As I also mentioned above, you have a choice of three memberships. You decide which one is best for you. 

But, before you do that…

Ask yourself some questions:

Do I believe in myself to give this a try? I think that deep down you do…it may be one of the reasons you are here in the first place.

Is it affordable? I think you know the answer to this…I always say and you have probably heard others say it too…“If it’s free, it’s for me!”  You can’t go wrong by trying it out for free with the Starter Membership.

How much time do I have to do this? I recommend that your answer be approximately at least 12-16 hours a week if you want to see results. You work at your own pace and whatever time you are able to…it’s your business…literally.

And one last question…

Do I have the funds for a Premium or Premium Plus membership?

If not, no problem. There are ways for you to bring in a small amount of income to pay for the Premium membership in the WA platform. Therefore, it can pay for itself in the short term until your website actually starts to earn more for you. As for the Premium Plus membership… if you so choose to it will eventually pay for itself. I am waiting for now and plan to pay for that one when I have enough income from this to pay for it. 

And there is always the starter membership. You are limited as to what tools you have available, but it is still possible to build a profitable online business. It just may take a little longer.

But if a profitable business is your goal and you are not in a hurry to do it, then this is for you and the starter membership will still work for you.


So, is it worth the time and money?

For me, my answer to this was yes!!Wealthy Affiliates - Is it worth the time or money?

Based on all I have mentioned in this review, I want to be honest and say yes, I am an affiliate marketer with Wealthy Affiliates located at, do I recommend this to anyone?

Yes, I do.

All the factors in this review are true and I would not be a part of it if it was not. I also consider myself a newbie to this myself compared to some of the more experienced members so I truly understand your apprehension.

I got caught up in other schemes to make money fast.


Yes…a couple were. I had the idea the other schemes would help me get where I wanted to go…fast!! But realized even though they did promise that, it wasn’t what they delivered without me spending large sums of money upfront after joining. So, I discontinued them and when I found this I was VERY skeptical.

After joining WA and was told I did not have to upgrade to Premium but continue with the Starter membership. I decided to go Premium because they did not push it on me. It was my decision after much deliberation.

So, is this for you? If so, join me here…if it is not…that’s ok and I wish you the best in all your endeavors…

I’ll still be here should you decide to return. Hey, if nothing else, join with the starter membership and cancel your membership if you figure out it is not working for you.

One more thing to think about… if you do join as a Premium or Premium Plus member, you have me for FREE one-on-one support as well. You can send me a DM on the WA platform and I will everything in my power to help you be successful. Just remember the private mail system is only available to Premium or Premium Plus members after the first 7 days. 

Nothing lost on your part, it’ll be everything gained because you at least learned how to build a website…for free.

Before you go, leave a comment or if you like it, share it…


I wish you the best!



**Original published date was Aug 18, 2018, updated on April 8, 2021.


Product Name: Wealthy Affiliates

Website URL:

Owners: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Price: Starter: FREE; Premium: $49 monthly, or $495 yearly; Premium Plus: $995 yearly

Worth it Rating: 10 out of 10


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  1. I like your straight forward and very honest review of Wealthy Affiliate. Your writing style is very good and you will go far with WA.

    As a WA newbie premium member I am way excited about the SiteComments platform on WA and I would tell anyone thinking over joining WA that SiteComments really rocks! SiteComments allows you to make comments on other WA member websites and then request comments for your website creating a buzz of interaction on your site that the search engines really like.

    And guess what? SiteComments rocks twice as much now because WA just upgraded it and now you get your comments faster AND you can earn a little cash just being a certified commentor.

    I’d be surprised to see any other affiliate marketing platform offer this great technological feature as SiteComments on WA.

    Good job on your cool review of WA.

    • Thank you Alexander. SiteComments are a cool feature. I do have a few things to update here along with add a bit more. Come back again soon. Again, thanks for your comment. I wish you the best in all you do.

  2. Thank you for this review on Wealthy Affiliate, seems like Wealthy Affiliate has a lot to offer especially if you are looking to start an online business. How long have you been a member at Wealthy Affiliate? and If I join would I be able to get a refund if im not happy?

    • Hi Jeff, thank you for your comment. I have been a member of WA for 3 months now and I sincerely and fully believe in the program here. You ask about a refund. WA has no need for a refund as you can join for free and stay under that membership as long as you like. WA doesn’t promise a fortune or that you’ll get rich. They offer you how to build your own business from the ground up, through the training they offer.  

      What you do with the training provided to you is totally up to you. If you work hard you can learn enough from the free membership to start earning an income. 

      So, when or if you decide that the program is right for you, then you can become a paid member and not before. No guarantee is needed.

      I hope that answered your question. I wish you the best.

  3. Hi, Bob, I have been reading and reading and reading you have kept me here with your style of writing. great stuff here, I just popped in to see how you were doing.

    Another great feature on WA is the that you can post your website. Not on your profile or in any of your blogs this is considered spamming, there are very strict rules to follow because everybody has there own website, and there are thousands of members doing their own thing. It is only right and correct that we respect each other by not trying to jumpstart our business on the backs of other members, this would create problems with the community.

    I came here through Bob’s site post at the end of his post on the right-hand side of his profile page.

    My site is in Health and wellness. Always A Better Way as Mother Nature Intended. You see that I am not using my Ural because I am respecting Bob’s site. He can also delete this comment if he doesn’t like the content.

    Great stuff here Bob’s Keep up the good work and you will benefit from it

    my moto or stamp
    always a better way

    • Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by. I do enjoy writing, just do not have the time to do it as much as I would like. My job and time with the family limits my time on my site. I am glad you enjoyed reading my blogs. I hope to get more content here soon. I am beginning to get a little more serious with it now.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform, it does give us the opportunity to view and comment via SiteComments or to do so at our leisure through the links in our profiles like you have done here. I do appreciate your visit here. Thanks.

      I wish you the best!!

  4. Hi Bob,

    Thank You for this great post and all the help you give our internet community.

    I really want to thank you for raising your concerns about us living in New York. At the moment, I cannot write in WA. Fortunately, we are well so far, and staying indoors in isolation.

    Please watch my new YouTube video “Coronavirus in Chelsea”.


    The US has now passed China as the most infected country in the world, and my hometown of NYC is the “hub” of infection with a 5x higher “attack rate” (those who get the virus out of the population) than any other city in the world. With over 85,000 coronavirus cases in NYC, we have 8x more COVID-19 cases than any other state, and close to half of all cases in the entire country.

    There are simply TOO MANY people who are still taking this pandemic too casually and are not practicing social distancing, and equipment will soon be unable to meet the demand of the increasing number getting sick. Governor Cuomo has been begging to the federal government for desperately needed ventilators, gloves, and gowns, etc. but our pubescent president so far will not comply.

    Stay safe, stay home, and continue to practice social distancing. It’s the only way until they get a vaccine. And then Pray.

    • Hey Kaju, I keep forgetting about individuals like yourself that actually live in a major metropolitan area like NYC. My prayers are there for you. I for one know that the ventilators are coming. One thing we all have to realize is the ventilators that currently exist are needed in the areas they are at the moment also. It isn’t that he won’t comply, its just that there are none available and more have to be produced.

      I do know the company I work for has ramped up on manufacturing bearings for ventilator manufacturers. Hopefully, the production manufacturing of ventilators will be enough to meet the demand. That is one of the reasons I am still currently working as we are considered “essential”. Even though I am not one of the “frontline” first responders, I do feel that we are contributing to the fight of COVID-19.

      Thanks for visiting my site and I do hope more people think about the possibilities of working online, as it is a viable way to earn an income while staying at home. The perfect way to avoid a Pandemic like COVID-19.

      Do take care of yourself and stay safe. I value your input in the WA environment and do enjoy seeing your occasional blogs there, and I look forward to when you are able to write in the WA platform again.

      God Bless you and I wish you well,


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