Retire Early and Enjoy It

retire early?

Have you thought about retirement? You may not have, depending on how old you are. Or, maybe you have because you like to be prepared or you are close to retirement age already. Regardless of whether or not you have thought about it. You still probably want to be able to retire early and enjoy it!

My Working Life

Have you been working your entire adult life? If you are like me I actually started before that, more like since I was 15 years old.

Are you in your 50s and/or 60s and able to retire and start collecting your retirement or pension? Again, to use me as an example…I could have retired from my current employer (the bearing manufacturing plant) at the age of 55 and started collecting my pension.

Are you in an unfortunate position where you may not have enough to actually retire? Hmm, my pension is not enough to live on at the moment. So, I can relate.

If you’re like me you may have to take on another full-time J-O-B to pay the bills that are still piling up.

Not exactly what you want to do…but, to keep living at the same living standards you live at now, you’ll have to.


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Think about it now…

So, do you have to keep working until you retire?

Then when you do retire, will you be able to enjoy the things you love to do?

Or will you be too old to really enjoy it anymore?retire early and enjoy it

These are some serious things to think about. I know I am not wanting to do another job, I want to be able to sit back and be able to enjoy the things in life that are fun and exciting to do. While I am still young enough or before I am too old to do it.

The American Dream…

Is it still achievable?

You do all the things in life that you want…you get a job, you get married, you have children, buy a home, get a dog (or not). All things that are part of what we know as The American Dream…

Only one catch, are you young enough to plan it out now? Or are you too close to retirement and looking at the time when you can retire, almost regret not planning it out earlier?

One more question…

Are you young enough to say “I want to retire early, but don’t know how” or close to your 50s or 60s and want more to help be able to without taking on a new job?

My mom and dad weren’t ready for their retirement. They could have used what I learned. I just wish I found this before it was too late for them.

I watched my mom and dad work their butts off. They moved from different jobs to try to achieve what they believed was the American Dream.

They owned their home. They were married and had kids (then divorced, but that’s another story). But, they both worked jobs that took them away from their kids. They weren’t able to spend time with us.

So, we grew up and moved out. Got our own jobs. Now, we are chasing our own American Dream.

After that, they both retired and we kids were out of the house (except one – the youngest). Anyway, you get my point. No one was around to enjoy their retirement with them.

Well, after 37 years of marriage my mom and dad divorced, and then my dad ended up going back to work, because of some debt he had.

My mom was attempting to continue as much as she could with children’s parties dressed as Christie the Clown. It didn’t last long though because she couldn’t lug around the equipment she needed.

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What next?

They have both since passed and never really seen success or enjoyed their retirement.

I do not want to see that happen to you…so, I can help you answer that question and there is a way.

I am now trying it and I can help you do the same…

Am I successful yet?

Not yet, but there are plenty of people that are and I can show you some of their stories.

Check out one of Jerry’s posts to see what he has accomplished…

And there is also Grace, and here is one of her successes…

Do you have time for one more, if so…here’s Nathaniell, read what he has to say…

So, what will be your story?

Will you be able to enjoy your retirement?

Or will you be sitting around wishing you could have retired earlier and actually be doing the things you really enjoy?


There Is a Solution…

Actually, there are a few. But, one that I am particularly aware of and involved with myself is affiliate marketing. If you have read my other blog posts you will know what I am talking about. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliates and they are a great platform to use. The link above in this paragraph will take you to my review of their program.


In a nutshell, there is no better respect for what you can get with the Premium membership. Just try to make a comparison to anything else out there and there isn’t a better system out there.

My Insight…

The cost is economical considering what you get from their platform. The training alone is one of the biggest benefits. The keyword search tool is another. You can build up to 50 websites with the Premium Plus membership…oh wait you’ve already seen my review? I apologize…wait, no I don’t — lol!

I make no apologies for the way I feel about Wealthy Affiliates. I have been a member of the platform since July 2018. I am using every chance I get to write about all I can to share this opportunity with others.

I will be honest, this is NOT a get-rich scheme. Again, if you have already read my blog reviewing Wealthy Affiliates then you know this already. If you haven’t read it, click the link and you’ll know more about them.

Is It MLM?

That’s one thing it is not!!

With multi-level marketing, whether it is online or not, you are satisfying a sales pitch. You are joining and paying to be a salesman of sorts. You buy the products and that pays the company. It also provides a point system or bonus system to pay the person above you and a percentage of their sales goes to their upline.

Eventually, the top person in the MLM system gets paid for what everyone below them does. Wealthy Affiliates (WA) only make money from the person that actually joins as a Premium member. But, that member gets way more than they can imagine building a successful business.

WA makes nothing from what each person makes from their own personal websites. Unless, of course, it’s a website like this blog that refers people to their platform. Oops, should I have told you that? Well, let that be our little secret. So, now the cat’s out of the bag, WA is only making money from the memberships.

So, if I create another website that has other affiliate links from it to other websites, WA gets nothing from that. It’ll be an agreement between me and the company that I am an affiliate marketer. Whether it be or or whoever I may build my affiliate partnership with.



So, Who Benefits?

You mostly, if you join and become a blogger like me. Do you have to do a WA promoting blog?


Only if you want to…if you want to blog about the usefulness of flat washers and their uses, that is entirely up to you. As long as you have enough information to blog about it, then knock yourself out!!

I know one thing, if I can do this, you can too! I am no rocket scientist, just a machine operator in a bearing manufacturing plant and it gives me a way to get my story out.

If you like to do the same thing, then consider it something you may be able to do…what better way to tell your own story and make residual passive income at the same time?

Oh, and there is another benefit…and I cannot forget this, it’s the main reason I started this blog post…retire early and enjoy it. Don’t be like my parents or some other people you may know. Working past retirement age and not be able to even enjoy their retirement…

I wish you the best!


6 thoughts on “Retire Early and Enjoy It”

  1. Hi Bob, thanks for the exposure.I am at your page here because i love research.

    I’m 20yrs old now should I be bothered about retirement, you bet i am. And i believe that its good to make use of opportunities when you find them and not sit and slack behind. happy Wealthy affiliate is not a MLM because i have done hundreds of research and have discovered that only a tiny percentage of this MLM guys survive. So why waste my time and money promoting another persons business when i could start and build my own.

    You really got me thinking Bob, thank tou

    • I am glad you got something out of this. It is definitely something to think about. I only wish I thought about my retirement when I was your age. I wish you the best in all you do! 


  2. Pension is like a dream which is going to true in advance age. Who know that how many people enjoy pension life. Some time is pension is so small amount. Hard to survive in old age. Thank God online marketing gives us a opportunity to save our old life and enjoy our todays. Your post is great ,I like it.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you that pensions are so small and not enough to live on. That is my reason for trying this online thing in affiliate marketing. I wish you all the best in your online ventures also.


  3. Thank you Bob. This is informative. Young ones like me who still have more years ahead before retirement need to learn from this. I joined WA, a while back, I haven’t kicked up in full gear yet. Still undergoing training. This blog is a source of encouragement to me. I’ll make sure I implement all I’ve learnt.

    • “Young ones” like you…lol! If only I had this information back when I was younger. I would be enjoying life like some of the successful affiliate marketers in WA like Jerry Huang and many others. I wish you the best in your future endeavors!



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