Jamie Lewis – Internet Marketer and Cash Grab [Review]

Jamie Lewis - Cash Grab

Product Name: Cash Grab

Website URL: www.CashGrab.org

Owner: Jamie Lewis

Price: $37 with 2 upsells; one down-sell with $10 off upon exit attempts with a 60-day money-back guarantee

Worth It Rating (1-10): 4


Cash Grab, is another one of Jamie Lewis’ many systems he sells on Clickbank. Do you know who Jamie Lewis is? He is known for many different money-making systems on Clickbank mostly.

Don’t just do a search on his name, there is someone else out there in the sports world with the same name and his name will get you more search results. So, if you want to find the guy I’m talking about, you will have to do a search with “Jamie Lewis Internet Marketer”.

It’ll get you better results for the fella I’m talking about here today…but don’t go now…wait until you finish this first…

Who Is Cash Grab?

Well, it isn’t really just about Cash Grab. It’s more like who is “he”? This income-producing system was launched on April 8, 2019, by Jamie Lewis and as I said earlier, it is one of many systems he has produced over the last 14 years.

Jamie has been at it since 2005…hmm, that’s as old as my car. Anyway, this one has 50 different income-producing levels and you choose the one at which you wish to earn.

His income-producing calculator will let you know how much time you will need to put in to be successful at that level.


Here is an example of what he has in his presentation video when you go to his website. I have taken three screenshots to show you the entire list of his levels. Catch up with me after the screen captures and I’ll discuss this more with you.

OK, so there is a little overlap in the images above, I didn’t want to miss anything. But, you get the point of the different levels. Now, if you really think about it, who has that kind of time, especially when you get to the higher income levels?

I have to ask… are the higher levels accumulative?

adding a new directionLike, does working on the $100 level help you with the initial time for the $200 level and they just build on each other? Or, does each level just start over?

You aren’t actually putting in extra money for each level as far as I can see here…but the calculator and system give you steps to do to get each level to success.

I also ask, does he actually show you or give you lessons on what to do, or is it a turn-key system?

Does he build out the website for you, or show you how to build it?

Or does he assume you know that already? Interesting questions to say the least…


I am not going to call Cash Grab a scam, but it has the makings of some really dicey appearances, the hype that is given on his website is flashy and just seems a little off. I also cannot forget that there is a 60-day money-back guarantee that is honored by Clickbank, so that makes it a big plus.

Now, my next point is about his Facebook page…if you follow him and see what he has to say about people like me…guys like me that write reviews and that we aren’t real affiliates or Internet marketers. What exactly is a real Internet marketer?

I have affiliate links on my page and if you click them, and make a purchase, then I get paid…how fake can that be…oh he’s referring to the amount of money I earn versus what he earns. I don’t make money on the backs of others…whatever income I get is legitimate. Oh, and I’m not making Jamie Lewis kind of money.

But, I also haven’t been doing this for 14 years either…lol.

What Makes Their Success/Failure?

What makes Jamie Lewis successful?

I am sure that there is a large number of people that sign up that may be somewhat successful with his system. It could be that his marketing technique is spot on. His website or money-making system is promoted on Clickbank. So, it ends up being a win-win for him.

It could just be that there are people out there with some experience with affiliate marketing and using his system helps them actually make money.

Now, did you see what I said in that last piece above?

People out there with affiliate marketing experience… the key point here. Jamie isn’t really good at actually giving training. There are other reviews out there that have paid to try his other systems and tell you so. No, the training isn’t laid out for you. It is just a system or a type of income potential calculator to point you in a direction to do the work.

If you’re a newbie at affiliate marketing and don’t know how to set up a website for a blog, use SEO, the importance of proper keyword searches, and/or anything else associated with affiliate marketing…you will be at a loss for what to do and won’t be very successful with Jamie’s system.


The Details…

OK, so you sign up and log onto his system…go to the training module and start your training…oops!

I got Cash Grab confused with something else…in all actuality, there is no training system there, just as I mentioned above. Just the income calculator. I guess Jamie figures that’s all you need. All that hype for you to sign up and no training…sorry about that.

What exactly does the income calculator do? It tells you what you need to do to make money at each of the levels in the system. There are 50 income levels in Jamie’s system. Each level tells you what and how long prep time is and supposedly guarantees a specific income by following the steps included with the calculator.

For example: at the $10 thru $50 levels it says 0 prep time…at the higher levels let’s say $5 Million… it’s 5 years of prep time.


If you purchase the upsell with his system then you will get one-on-one time personally from Jamie. I don’t buy it. OK, say he has hundreds of people (hypothetically) to buy the upsells. How is he possibly going to spend one-on-one time with each of the members using his system?

I am more willing to bet it’s either a prerecorded video or someone poses to be him in the one-on-one session. Oh, this is two times a week as well. Does he really have time for that? So, my question is how does he do it, and/or does he really make good on his promise? But, I am leaning on a prerecorded message or system.

Are you really getting what you pay for? I have a lot of doubts here on this one.

You may ask how the upsells work and how much are they. To start out you sign up for either $37 or $27 depending on whether you try to exit from the page without signing up. If you did, then you received a pop-up offering you the same system for a $10 down-sell.

He doesn’t want you to leave without buying something.

Upsell #1: After you are on and your account is set up, you are offered more, a Gold Membership Upgrade for $197. Again, if you try to bypass this, a $100 reduction from that is offered to you. Included with this membership is access to Jamie’s Resource Vault of over 80 of his best converting and most profitable READY TO GO websites

Upsell #2: Not sure when but sooner or later you are offered Unlimited Personal Cash Grab Training with Jamie Lewis. This is for $247 and again a down-sell of $100 (you’ll pay $147) for this training. Here is where you get one-on-one training two times a week. My question is, why not offer the training with the initial cost?

This offer also allows you to speak with Jamie to get REAL WORLD advice and coaching, sort of like being his partner. Oh, that’s not all…two times a week there are recorded webinars so you can go back and get the training you probably should have gotten in the beginning without the upsell…hmm.

So, you only get training if you pay the extra $244. And that’s with the two down-sells…if you didn’t get them it would have been $444 extra.

Like I mentioned earlier…not necessarily a scam, but it sure is questionable.


How Long Will It Take to be Profitable?

This one is an easy one…however long the calculator tells you it will take at the desired level you choose. No time on up to 10 years if you shoot for the $100 million marks.

Not, too terribly bad if you really think about it. One thing is certain, he is honest in his video and does tell you that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. He just tells you he makes it easier for you.

So, Jamie is absolutely correct in telling you it isn’t a fast way to make money unless you are looking at the lower levels.not such a true statement

Now, the truth is that affiliate marketing really depends on the time you put in on your own website and that you do the correct things. I’ll get more into that later. But, let’s just say that it does take time.


Who Can Do It?

Hmm, who really can do Jamie’s system here?

More than likely anyone with some knowledge of affiliate marketing knows how to build their own website.

Again, I already said it once before…it’s more than likely not for someone new to affiliate marketing.

That was even easier than my previous question above.


Worth the Time and Money?

My honest opinion is probably not…and as I stated earlier, it is not a scam. It’s just not a system for newcomers to do affiliate marketing and there is too much hype from Jamie himself to sell this. If it was a true and honest system…he wouldn’t need the hype to sell it to us.

I hope you enjoyed this. And I hope I answered any questions you may have about this system of Jamie’s.

After all, Jamie Lewis is an Internet marketer and Cash Grab is his newest system to make money. I cannot really blame him, but there are better ways to do it.

I am trying to make things better for myself and my family through affiliate marketing also. The only difference is my method is free to join and trying it out is also free…

I am a Premium member with Wealthy Affiliates, but you can join as a Starter member to find out more about it.



I wish you all the best,

Bob Margroff


Product Name: Cash Grab

Website URL: www.CashGrab.org

Owner: Jamie Lewis

Price: $37 with 2 upsells; one down-sell with $10 off upon exit attempts with a 60-day money-back guarantee

Worth It Rating (1-10): 4

4 thoughts on “Jamie Lewis – Internet Marketer and Cash Grab [Review]”

  1. I once took a Marketing Strategy course for my MBA and I learned that the audience is the root, base of the entire market system one does. One must know its target at all times. That is what I have struggled with because I know what I want to write but have no idea who to target. 

    • Hi Linda, I fully understand that and apparently Jamie’s target audience should be experienced affiliate marketing people. I had a difficult time deciding mine and finally came to the conclusion that I should target people in my same situation…those working for an hourly wage and want to find a way out of it. It allows me to relate to them easier. I hope I am effective in that. 

      I wish you all the success in your endeavors and hope you are successful.

  2. Hi Bob, 

    Thanks for such an honest review. I’m one of the people struggling and would really wish there was a way to know all the hyped products that are not worth the time and Money for someone on budget.

    It does sound like a scam and very priced one too. 

    I see at the bottom you say you are Wealthy Affiliates, do you have any review for them or more information.

    Thanks for the post!

    • I do and apologize for not providing the link to it. At the time I posted this I was dead tired as I also work a full time job and feel for anyone looking for something better or side income. If you look at my menu above and  click “Reviews” you will see it listed. Thanks for reminding me to put a link in this review. I wish you the best.


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