Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool [Review]

Jaaxy Reseach Tool - review

Product Name:  Jaaxy – The World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool

Website URL: www.jaaxy.com

Owner: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Price: Starter – Free; Lite – Free with WA Premium Membership; Pro – $19/month  with WA Premium membership (otherwise $49); Enterprise – $49/month with WA Premium membership (otherwise $99)

Worth It Rating: 9.9 out of 10

Well, Jaaxy…the best keyword research tool there is! 

It is amazing the things you can do with it. It’s great that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliates because I have use of the Lite version free and if I choose to upgrade to either Pro or Enterprise both are at a reduced rate because of my WA membership. The fact that it is so useful is my reason for the Jaaxy keyword research tool review that you are now reading…

But, Before I get too far into that, let’s start answering some questions…

Who Are They?

Jaaxy isn’t really “them”…it is a tool for anyone calling themselves an affiliate marketer. 

Why? Because that is exactly what they are used for. It is, as the name above implies. Jaaxy is the most advanced keyword research tool in the world. 

By the time you get finished reading this, you will see the possibilities that are there. Not only that, if you decide to take me up on my offer to join me at WA (Wealthy Affiliates, if you haven’t read my other blog posts) you will discover this on your own. 

Real briefly, they offer seven different search features for keyword research; two Site Ranking search features; three affiliate program features; and four videos in the Jaaxy Help feature for training on how to use Jaaxy.

I will breakdown these four features in more detail later in this post.

What Makes Their Success?

There isn’t really success on their part. Well, there is, but it is more that they help anyone using the tools provided more success in creating quality content in blog posts. If you haven’t read my other posts on affiliate marketing and what I do, then you really need to read About Bob or my review as linked above.

You may have originally found my post here by doing a search on Google and there was a listing that you were given. Well, that listing you received, provided you with hundreds of links to webpages, and lucky for me, brought you here to start with. 

Oh, it was lucky for you too, since you are hoping to be able to find what you were looking for here…anyway let me get back to what I was saying…

That listing of hundreds of pages was a result of a keyword search. That search was done by you and it gave you that listing. But, all those websites are there because the keywords in their posts or pages enabled them to be there. Now, I am not saying all the pages or posts used Jaaxy to put those keywords in them, some are there because they are paid ads but this post had the use of Jaaxy. 

It is the tool I used to do a search for the high traffic, low competition keyword to be able to put in this or other posts I’ve written to get the most bang for my buck. It is what helped me get this post on your search and then you were able to click here…and the rest is history. 

You are nowhere reading this…but ok, now you are getting tired of hearing how you got here…because you already know that or at least some of it…so we will move on from here and talk about Jaaxy from here on out.

The real meat and potatoes, or real details are coming about Jaaxy as a tool in the next section…this is what you are really there to see…

The Details…

There are a lot of details to give you but I will break down what you see on the Jaaxy Lite Dashboard (upgrading to Pro and Enterprise will give you more functions) and work my way across the four primary functions of Jaaxy, and I will briefly touch on them to give you a feel for what they do. 

So, here we go…

The main dashboard area is shown here:

Jaaxy Dashboard

As you see in this image the “Search” function is marked and under that, you see the words Keywords, Alphabet Soup, Saved Lists, Search History, Search Analysis, Affiliate Programs, and Brainstorm. These are all different capabilities you have under the “Search” function. 

Now, if you wish to try out the “search” feature of Jaaxy, you can do it right here and sample it just to see what it will do for you:

All the above features will allow you to do what you need – to be successful by properly researching your keywords. There really is a wide range of features available to you that it would require too much writing here and it is best to just see what they are after joining me at WA. 

That is if you decided to do that. You would learn it so much better by using it than to read a long boring dissertation by me. 

So far all I’ve touched on is the Search function of Jaaxy…so you probably might see how useful a research tool it is now. Do I need to go any further? Probably. This way I will be able to show you a few other features. 

In fact, I can give a little more detail than I did for the Search function as it isn’t as in-depth. 

Now, next to the Search feature is the Site Rank feature. This actually allows you to see where you are on all three search engines. The Search tab on this function will do automatic scans to see where your site or your different posts rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! It will tell you which page and position on that page your site is ranked based on the keywords you used. 

Then you have Tracked Rankings, and this tells you all your recent searches and where you are on each of the three search engines (Google, Bing, & Yahoo!). It will track by keyword and the specific URL you type or set to search. Now, it won’t track anything you don’t enter as part of your list. 

The next function of the Jaaxy is a cool feature. In fact, if you were actually doing affiliate marketing and making money with referrals to upgrade to Pro and Enterprise, it would be your favorite part. It definitely has to do with making money…LOL!

So, just like promoting WA, you can also promote Jaaxy on your site. It provides another way to earn even more income. If you get a referral that joins WA and then they also upgrade Jaaxy. You get extra income from the same referral. 

Let’s see what you actually earn here…

Now, if you have a referral and they upgrade to Pro, the possibility to earn $20 a month or $200 for an annual sign up. A referral upgrading to Enterprise will earn you $40/month or $400/annually. Heck, there’s even an earnings calculator there. So, you can figure out what the earning potential is by referrals signing up using the affiliate link provided to you on the Links & Tracking function. 

One other thing this will do is provide you with the affiliate code and three other codes you embed on your website to allow a visitor to go and upgrade from your page. You are able to track your earning stats and the ability to set your own earning threshold just by entering your PayPal username.

One last thing…Jaaxy Help. It wouldn’t be possible for you to use it unless you had some training videos to watch. So, just like WA, you have ways to get trained, even here. There are 4 videos there to walk you through how to use the functions on Jaaxy. Oh, wait…one more thing other than the videos…3 free bonuses by being a Premium member of WA. 

Did you get all this?

Do you see the possibilities here by joining WA?

If you answer NO, then you don’t see the benefit of the keyword research that is available to you. I would assume you would actually answer YES!

Options for Upgrades

As I mentioned earlier there are 4 different options available to you. The screen capture above shows you the different options and what you are getting with each different version of the Jaaxy Research Tool. I am currently using Lite because it comes with my membership with WA and its FREE. I still have the possible option of upgrading to Pro or Enterprise. But, with the current tools, I have available there isn’t any need for me to upgrade yet. 

My business is still in its early stages so to speak…as compared to others that have been doing this as long as I have. As my business grows I will upgrade because I will need the better capabilities of the Jaaxy Research Tool.

How Long Will It Take to be Profitable?

This one is difficult to answer because it is connected to my WA membership and it will be dependent on whether or not I am successful with my online business. It is basically a tool for me to use and I am not pushing anyone to join or sign up for Jaaxy.

Why would I, if it is free with a WA membership and you are still able to use a majority of the tools it provides with that. More advanced business owners would want to upgrade and if you are just now reading this and do not own an online business…you don’t need to upgrade or sign up for Jaaxy alone. See my WA review to look into joining me there, first. Then Jaaxy is automatic. 

So, your success is based on your success at WA. That’s where you are going to measure your success if you decide to join me there. 

Who Can Do It?

Wow, this one is a no-brainer. If you are able to build a website, which anyone can. You can use this tool. It is really self-explanatory as far as the training that you receive by watching any of the four videos that Jaaxy provides. 

Do you have doubts as to your own ability to build a website? WA has you covered…there are 20 lessons provided by WA with your free Starter membership, and 120 lessons with your Premium membership. 

Plus, there are tons of lessons created by members in the training area called “Classrooms” of WA that are very useful that give you little tricks and tips on how to use social media, WordPress and its plugins, along with some of the tools on WA. 

So, if you haven’t visited my WA review then click and check it out to see what you have available to you there and consider joining me. You will get all that WA has to offer, plus one on one coaching from me because I am in the WA community at least three times a day and always see my messages there. 

Now, as I said earlier…this is a no-brainer. As I showed or explained here, ANYONE can do this and the online business. I’m a machine operator in a manufacturing plant. If I can do this…you can too.

Worth the Time and Money?

My rating for this is 9.9 out of 10 because I have already said it a few times in this post…Jaaxy is just a tool and the real success comes from the membership with WA. But, Jaaxy IS a very valuable tool for anyone wanting to build a successful website for their online business. 

If you have seen my WA review and are still unsure, dig around my site and see what else I have to say about a number of topics and I hope to see you in the WA community soon. 

Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you think about Jaaxy by leaving a comment below.

I wish you the best!


Product Name: Jaaxy – The World’s Most Advanced Keyword Tool

Website URL: www.Jaaxy.com

Owner: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Price: Free; Lite – Free with WA Premium Membership; Pro – $19/month  with WA Premium membership (otherwise $49); Enterprise – $49/month with WA Premium membership (otherwise $99)

Worth It Rating: 9.9 out of 10

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  1. Hi there.

    Thank you for this comprehensive review and educative post about Jaaxy. I have really learnt a lot about the importance of using Jaaxy. I quite learnt it while making use of wealthy affiliate’s training tools. After reading all it features, I have concluded that anyone that really wants to be successful in affiliate marketing really needs Jaaxy. 

    • Hi Kehinde, thanks for visiting and I agree with you 100%! As you can see from my post…I thoroughly enjoy the training and have learned a great deal myself. Again thanks for the comment and I wish you the best!


  2. I wish I had known about this platform long time ago; Ever since I joined this platform I have never regretted my actions for once. The benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is enormous. There are tons of lessons to help you fully understand the widescope of affiliate marketing. There are also awesome tools like jaaxy, site health, site feedback, site comments and domain registration.

    • Hi Ola, I also wish I had found WA years ago myself. I would be further along than I am now. I would have learned how to build a website the right way and my attempt at a blog would have been more profitable. 

      Thanks for visiting and I wish you the best!



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