Is CTFO Legit? A Review


Is CTFO legit? LogoProduct Name:  CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome)

Website URL:

Founders: Stuart Finger (founder); Steve Finger (co-founder); Micheal Kahn (co-founder)

Price: Free, but additionally $24.97 up to $799.99 (for package deals with preferred pricing)

Worth It Rating (1-10): 9.0

Okay, here I am writing another article about MLM’s. This one is a little different than a few of the others I have written about so far. Unless you have been living under a rock the last couple of years you have heard about CBD and why it has become popular. Well, maybe you haven’t figured it out yet and that may be another reason you are here. I discovered a company that does things differently than any other MLM. They are CTFO and hopefully, an answer to the question “Is CTFO legit?“, will be the end result.


Who Are They?

You may be wondering who they are and where did they come from. Well, slow down… we’ll get to that in a few. 

First, CTFO is an MLM, as you know that’s been determined already. Did you know they started out as a weight loss company? Their original company name was Chew the Fat Off… no seriously… it’s true. 

Well, they realized that wasn’t really working for them and later changed it to what it is now: Changing the Future Outcome. That is a much better representation of who they are and what they do. 

They started in 2015 and have had quite a bit of success in recent years. They are based here in the United States and the founders do things a little bit differently than the leaders of other MLM’s. There is no high dollar payout to the founders just because they are the founders. 

They earn their income the same way other associates earn theirs. They have to earn it through the same commission program that is set up for the other associates. And that is one way they are able to offer their CBD oil with more of a discount and also better quality. 

Now, how cool is that?

I am hoping that’s how you are here and typed CBD oil as a search word and you ended up here with it. That’s great and you already know what CBD oil is. And if you don’t have any idea and were just told that it has healthful benefits without really knowing… well, then I will give you a brief description here.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol… well it is a hemp plant and a cousin to the marijuana plant, but without the THC, which IS in the marijuana plant. 

So, it can increase your mood and has some healthful benefits without making you high. If you work with a company, as I do, with random drug screenings – no worries there either. Especially, if it is CBD from CTFO because it has none, that’s right, ZERO, THC.

That’s a quick summary of what they are, check out more details further down the page, and here’s where I give my opinion of their success. No failure here, they have only been around less than 5 years and are showing great successes so far. Heck, I’ve joined them now.

is ctfo legit? success

What Makes Their Success/Failure?

This one is off the charts of what no other MLM has ever done before. First of all one of the biggest things that makes them such a success is their growing line of CBD products. Second, is their way of doing business.

You can join for free, hmmm. Where else can you join for free and try it out first? LOL! If you don’t know or haven’t read any of my other reviews… check this out and it outlines another “free to try” product or way of building a business. Anyway, the fact that you can sign up as an associate for free is a BIG plus.

Not only that, I may have mentioned it already… their top dogs or founders don’t earn off your back or the backs of everyone else in the organization. They earn by the same method as the newbie or any other associate in their organization. They have to continue to make sales or they won’t earn any more than when they first started as well.

You also do not have to be an active associate to participate in the compensation plan. Their compensation plan is right here. They have no complaints with the Better Business Bureau and their rating is NR, for Not Rated. It may be because they are only 5 years old (as of the writing of this article) and there are absolutely no complaints against them. 

Who could actually complain about a company that is only looking for the best interests in the health and well-being of its customers and/or associates? 

So, do you really want to know some of the details? There really aren’t that many, but check out below to see a few of them…

The Details…

Hmmm… not many. There is a lot in their compensation plan and it is beneficial to actually follow the link I gave above or just click it here to see what is actually in their plan. Oh, and their income disclosure statement is contained within their compensation plan as well.

Here are a few of the details. First, let’s define a customer, associate, and active associate. A customer is someone who purchases products without becoming an associate. An associate is anyone that signs up as an associate – no purchase required. An active associate is an associate who has made a $47.47 or more qualifying purchase in the last 31 days or has at least 10 directly enrolled active members.

There are 18 levels from customers all the way to Top Gun and there are appropriate bonuses and compensations all the way up through those levels. 

One type of bonus is based on rank advancement through the organization. It’s called the One-Time Rank Advancement Bous. It’s a one-time bonus for achieving rank advancement. There are 7 levels of these bonuses for achieving a specific rank. The value of the bonuses are as follows: $500, $1000, $1500, $2500, $5000, $10,000, and $25,000. 

The rank associated with those bonuses is from $5K Executive Manager (EM) up to Presidential Director (PD).

CTFO also advertises “5 Powerful Ways to Get Paid Weekly” in their compensation plan. Those 5 ways are 1. Unilevel Pay; 2. Regenerating Matrix Pay and PSPs; 3. Infinity Bonus Pay; 4. Deeply Discounted Package Fast Start Pay; and the last one 5. Deeply Discounted Package Team Pay.

Again, you can find the details of their compensation plan at


How Long Will It Take to be Profitable?

The answer to this one is really up to you and how fast you wish to be successful. First, you need to determine what makes your success with this program? Remember it’s free to signup… but being an active member leads to increased profitability for you. You already know the cost of how to be an active member, I already covered that for you. 

Of course, if you read any other reviews here then this seems to be the standard answer about any MLMs covered on this website. But, the ultimate decision is up to you and you are the reason I write these reviews. To simply cover some of the pros and cons of MLMs or any other money-making system out there and help you decide if it’s something you want to do.

The attempt to be unbiased is a balance that is the goal of this website and this review. The occasional opinion may creep into the review only because it seems to be a very good opportunity. So, when you see a recommendation for one of these MLMs or money-making opportunities it has good possibilities. 

This one seems to be one of them, even though I am generally not a fan of MLMs. Again, the rate of success will be determined by the popularity of the product and the work put in by the member or distributor, whichever the case may be. Continue reading to see where else this may lead. 

Who Can Do It?

This one is fairly obvious. First, if you are of legal age to start a business and you are capable of using a small part of your brain, anyone can give this one a try. It isn’t brain surgery or rocket science, so if you are tempted to give it a try… why not.

Now, if you aren’t into CBD oil, then you may not really be interested in trying this. Not everyone buys into the idea that CBD oils are the best thing out there. Even though there is a huge market out there and it IS steadily growing. 

Anyone has the ability to do this one. As stated earlier, even I decided to join. The price to join is comparable to any other offer out there. Oh, wait, what price… IT’S FREE to join. The management of the MLM system is better and makes it more profitable than most MLMs that exist. Of course, all MLMs are not featured here, only because there are thousands that exist. 

This website will make a serious attempt to hit on as many as possible to give them all a fair deal. 

is ctfo legit? time and money

Worth the Time and Money?

Ah, now the question you really want to be answered… no more hype, or no sense in delaying the inevitable. 

From a cost standpoint, it is not a bad deal at all. To join is free, or even the $24.97 membership cost. The price for CBD oils is very competitive and the MLM system they use is to help keep the costs down. So, from viewpoint of whether or not it is worth the money… I say yes it is and my Worth It rating is 9.

Now, on to whether or not it is worth the time… The answer comes from whether you are willing to put any time into it in the first place. I would. Again, the product is super popular only because it is a new product on the scene. It seems to be the fix to everything energy-related. There seem to be health benefits to CBD oils. 

So, in the long run… I can honestly give an opinion on the Worth It aspect for the time of a 9 as well. 

Well, now that gives it an overall Worth It rating of 9 then. There aren’t too many business opportunities highlighted on this website that will beat that… well, maybe a few. Those are for obvious reasons. You have to understand why I say this and seeing this review will give you a better understanding. 

It is highly unusual that I would even give a higher rating on something that I am not actually doing myself. But, that’s why I do this. If I see value in something, then I may recommend it. If I don’t, well you can understand why I wouldn’t. It really is that simple. 

So, after all, this, do I recommend CTFO as a business opportunity. My short answer is yes, but you know that honesty is always the best. Even if my recommendation is to give it a try and I have done my best to answer “Is CTFO legit?” My number one recommendation is always going to be to join Wealthy Affiliate. Without sounding repetitious in my posts, it is always the top answer for me.

Why? You ask. It’s the one thing that I actually am doing and enjoying too. I get to help people see the side of MLMs that may not be totally evident, give ideas on how to do this thing that I do, and you can also start doing this for FREE as well. 

I hope this review was helpful to you and even if I recommend it, remember it is still an MLM. It still has the same basics of business, even though it is slightly better than the rest of them. So, in the long run, you still sponsor people, and you still need sales to continue to earn an income from it. 

Oh, and the biggest thing, you still earn from those that you sponsor, like any MLM. And others are earning from the work you do as well. 

Affiliate marketing is simple, you will note that I didn’t say easy. You place ads or links on your website, if visitors click your links and make a purchase, you earn a commission. The most difficult part is putting in the time to write good content to attract visitors. The great part is that Wealthy Affiliate provides ALL the training to accomplish that. 

Anyhow, I appreciate you taking the time to read this and as I mentioned earlier, I hope it helped. 


I wish you the best,

Bob Margroff


Product Name:  CTFO (Changing The Future Outcome)

Website URL:

Founders: Stuart Finger (founder); Steve Finger (co-founder); Micheal Kahn (co-founder)

Price: FREE or you can pay $24.97 up to $799.99 (for package deals with preferred pricing)

Worth It Rating (1-10): 9.0

6 thoughts on “Is CTFO Legit? A Review”

  1. Your article is timely.  I have been getting emails from CTFO, but wasn’t sure how it worked or exactly why I was getting emails.  Now I know.  I am an affiliate marketer always looking for things represent on my website.  One of the great things about affiliate marketing is not having to carry inventory.  I am going to look further into CFTO based on your article. If the program fits what I am looking for, it will be a good thing for me to join.

    • I don’t usually give high recommendations for MLMs. But, this one seems to be better than most of them out there. To the point that I have to give it some consideration myself. I am glad that I was able to give you something to think about. I wish you well in all your endeavors.

  2. Hey, there is really nice to see you share with us another great review on MLM, truly this is a little bit different but going through the article of CTFO I myself found out that they have good history and are reliable and there is a lot to learn form them, and their bonuses are based on the rank you are, this will really attract more effort from members.

    • Thanks for paying my site a visit. I am in agreement with you and do not generally like MLMs. CTFO does seem to do things the right way. I especially like the fact that the founders make their money the same way all the rest of the distributors do… they have to earn it themselves. Unlike many other MLMs… off the back of someone in their downline. I wish you well.

  3. Hello there thanks for sharing this review on this MLM platform. On my own opinion I think multi level marketing companies are most times not worth the time at all because all they do is use their members to enrich themselves while makingbit difficult for their members to actually profit.

    • Thanks for stopping by. I do have to agree with you on this. I am not a big fan of MLMs either. If you take a peek at the rest of my MLM reviews, you will get the feeling that I am in agreement with you. This one just strikes me as different from the rest. I wish you the best.


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