How to Become a Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant [A Review]

How to become a Paparazzi Jewelry consultant

Product Name: Paparazzi Jewelry/Accessories

Website URL:

Owner: Sisters Misty Kirby (and husband Trent) & Chani Reeve (and husband Ryan)

Price: $99, $299 & $499

Worth It Rating (1-10): 4.75 (Time: 5; Money: 4.5)


I’m going out on a limb on this one…but I do believe this is not really worth the time or energy (much less the money) to be getting involved in Paparazzi Jewelry. My wife has an aunt and her cousin’s wife was involved with this and I so wish that I had done this so much earlier. Not to mention I wish I had known they were even considering it. I could have warned them.

I will say that I believe that I may be a little misleading in my title. It is written as if you would want to be a consultant. It could be that maybe you do…but it is to warn you that it may not be the best thing for you. So, the fact that there is a possibility you are wondering how to become a paparazzi jewelry consultant is the reason I am writing this review.

Who Are They?

Well, that would be the first question here. Well, they ARE a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) company and they use the typical MLM model for making money. They use direct selling but a consultant does not make a lot of money on a monthly basis by just selling products…oh and there are issues with their products…but I’ll get back to that later. The way that any consultant makes the most of their business is by recruiting others to become consultants.

Misty and Chani started selling what I or even my wife will call costume jewelry for only $5. Their goal was to create something affordable to wear every day but not feel buyers regret after the purchase. The business took off for them and it is a very popular way to earn a side income. It depends on how much work a consultant puts into their business and how much actual inventory they purchase.

I won’t necessarily call any MLM a scam unless it is blatantly so outrageous and so many complaints against them that it puts the question out there. If I am questioning it then, I really do not recommend it. Now, I will get into the nitty-gritty of Paparazzi and see what they are all about in the remainder of this post.

What Makes Their Success/Failure?

Their success comes from the fact that the product is very affordable. It is costume jewelry by no stretch of the word. Plain and simple. Is it good quality? Well, the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website is full of complaints and the BBB gives Paparazzi a rating of “F”. I am sure you are asking why.


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It has a lot to do with ordering and or returns. It seems there are many complaints directed to the fact that there are shortages or a lack of fulfilling orders to their customers. If there is a problem with a piece ordered the customer service is either very poor or non-existent.

But, through all this, they are still successful. As I mentioned earlier…the sisters started out direct selling their jewelry and started to recruit more consultants. It is the affordability of the merchandise that made it successful. The website talks about a 45% commission. I don’t really call it a commission…but more of retail profit by selling each piece for $5. The consultants purchase each piece for $2.75, so selling it for $5 gives them a $2.25 profit on each piece.

Consultants earn rebates and bonuses based on their personal volume (PV) and the PV of those they sponsor up to 3 levels. There is the Unilevel Bonus, Generation Bonus, Legacy Bonus, Infinity Bonus, and a Cash Bonus. All of which I will break down in the next section.

So, when you get right down to it, even if you aren’t making a lot of money on the retail profit for each piece it all adds up for the consultants if a lot of work is put into it. But, sponsoring is key as in any other MLM. You really cannot make it without that.

The Details…

Getting Started:

I will do my best to describe the business model as it currently exists. Getting started is broken down for you in three steps…1. Choose your sponsor (if you weren’t invited by someone you know) 2. Choose a starter kit 3. Check out

The first step of choosing a sponsor is still easy if you haven’t been invited to join by another consultant. You type in your zip code and it shows you all the consultants in your city or town. In my area, there were 14 consultants to choose from. My wife knows three on the list.

The second step of choosing which starter kit you want comes down to what you can afford or are willing to spend. The image below is from the Paparazzi website:



As you can see the image shows you the cost of the kit, the number of pieces in your kit, and the amount of profit you would make if you were to sell each individual piece in the kit to a customer. Not such a bad deal then is it? Or is it?


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You are not guaranteed to be able to sell each piece…the pieces of jewelry in the kit must be something someone will want to buy…then you can make your profit. But, what if you are unable to sell the pieces in the kit? Probably won’t benefit from the retail profit from the kit.

The third step is self-explanatory…you just check out just like you do at any other retail website when making a purchase online.

Commission Earning Process:

The Methods of selling or making money with this are rather simple. You may use direct selling where you purchase each item for wholesale ($2.75 ea) and sell it to customers for $5 and make a retail profit of $2.25 ea. Another is you build your team… Invite others to become consultants and earn commissions from what they sell and receive bonuses by recruiting more new consultants. There is also the Online Bonus: they provide you with a personal replicated website with a shopping cart where customers are able to buy online and you receive a 45% commission (retail profit) from each sale.

I mentioned Personal Volume or PV earlier…this is a point value given to each piece in order to determine the qualification of whether a consultant is active or not. It also determines the qualification of receiving a commission from Paparazzi based on the PV of other consultants you may sponsor. 2 PV is assigned to each standard accessory piece and 10 PV for each Zi Collection Necklace.


Building Your Team:

Hmm, I believe I just used the word “qualification” – yep you read correctly…you must qualify in order to benefit from the commissions from those that are sponsored by you. The qualification requirement is simple and it changes depending on what level of consultant you are.

As a starting consultant, you earn the retail profit mentioned earlier. Then you eventually become a Star Consultant…now I am not exactly sure when that happens I’m thinking once you personally sponsor 3 people. Remember I mentioned qualification…well you have to purchase 50 PV of product each month to remain “active”. By doing that you are able to earn 15% of the purchase of the starter kit that will be paid to you by Paparazzi in your commission check for that month.

In case, you missed it 50 PV purchased by you means you must purchase 25 pieces at $2.75 each…well that’s $68.75 per month. Now, let’s see what you can earn if you sponsor 3 people. 1st starter kit, you earn $14.86, 2nd starter kit: $44.85, and the third: $74.85. So, there are three different possibilities for earning a commission for your 3 personally sponsored consultants.

Here is part of the commission chart that is on Paparazzi’s website:

Now, if you look at the chart you see the PV requirement changes from 50 to 100 at the Executive Director level. I’ll let you do that math on that what you have to purchase each month.

One thing that I need to explain before I go further… I mentioned levels for sponsorship earlier… which means that the consultants you personally sponsor are your first level, any consultants your 1st level of consultants sponsor will become your 2nd level. Then the consultants that your 2nd level of consultants sponsor now become your 3rd level. It then continues and all of these are your downline.

OK, now that we got that clarified…there’s more. You are now building a business organization and are eligible for Organizational Volume which must be met to earn your commissions at the end of the commission month. Oh, and there are limits as to how much volume counts toward your commissions.

Here is the second part of that chart above:

In order for me to make this chart readable, I had to break it up because it was too small to see otherwise.


Do you remember me mentioning the bonuses? Well, Paparazzi does give bonuses to consultants to make it profitable for them. There are six bonuses that are rewarded for consultants. One thing to remember is they are not rewarded if you are not “active”.

Business Building Bonus (BBB): It is already mentioned above when recruiting new members to become consultants. It’s the 15% of their starter kit you earn when you personally sponsor a new consultant.

Unilevel Bonus: The amount you earn is in the chart above and it is when you earn up to 3 levels of commissions. You will naturally move through the ranks of consultants as you sponsor new members and if your business grows. Your ability to support and train your downline to be successful will cause you to reap the reward of 5% to 10% of your organization’s activity.

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I already explained what the levels are earlier so no need to mention it again. I wouldn’t want to bore you with the details repeated.

Generation Bonus: This one requires you to qualify as an Executive Director or higher and it rewards you with helping and developing your strong leaders within your organization. This could reward up to three generations. A generation begins at the rank of Executive Director in your downline. It includes all consultants down to and including the next Executive Director or higher. Take a look at the chart above to get a better idea of this one.

Legacy Bonus: A Legacy is created when you qualify as an A-Lister. A Legacy includes all consultants down to and including the next A-Lister or higher in your downline. This bonus pays 1% to 2% on the volume generated in up to 3 Legacies in your organization.

Infinity Bonus: You must qualify as a Luxe Jetsetter and can earn on the volume of your entire organization down to the next and including the next Luxe Jetsetter. It pays .5% of the volume.

Cash Bonus: This one makes my eyebrows raise as it has the word “CASH” in it…LOL!!! Seriously, if you qualify and become a consultant at the top ranks for two consecutive months you earn $25,000 as a Luxe Jetsetter and $50,000 as an Impressionista.

OK, so wow!! The bonuses sound great and hmm maybe I could be one.

Just kidding, I am happy with writing content and enjoy the community of fellow members in the WA community and it really is a better place to be in my eyes. So, I’m not going anywhere. Besides, I really think hard about the benefits and what I get for anything It is to pay for with my hard-earned money.

How Long Will It Take to be Profitable?

It is, to be honest on this one… I really do not know the answer to this one. There are some that are successful and then there are a lot more that are not. If you go to the Better Business Bureau’s website and read all the complaints you will see that many get out after only two months. I guess it takes that amount of time of dealing with the problems with the customer service and lack of support to make a decision to leave the Paparazzi opportunity behind.

So, the only ones being successful are the owners themselves and a few others that actually stick with it and put in a heck of a lot of work. Maybe they are the ones that have more expendable cash and can afford to be buying the products to maintain their “active” status.

So, this begs the next question It is about this opportunity…

Who Can Do It?

I imagine anyone can make an attempt at it. I guess as long as you don’t mind the cost of the starter kits and the amount you pay to remain active and are really going to go after it. It can be done. It seems that their jewelry is very popular, but after reading many complaints I can question their quality.

But, you do have to remember…each piece is only $5 retail. So, maybe it isn’t so bad.

Worth the Time and Money?

Well, I appreciate the time you spent with me here and now I must tell you that if you are wondering how to become a Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant it really isn’t worth your time and money. I would say that in the time factor I rate it as a 5 and the money aspect is a 4.5…so together they make a rating of 4.75.

If after reading my review and you still decide to do this, then more power to you and I wish you well. If after reading this you are still looking for something else click here for a review of a better opportunity in my view.

Please if you already are a consultant, please let me know if I am not stating any facts or policies correctly on anything here. I want this to be factual and occasionally I get it wrong.


All charts and graphs and images were taken from to ensure that I am factual in my explanations of the information here.

Again, thanks for stopping by.

I wish you the best!

Bob Margroff


Product Name: Paparazzi Jewelry/Accessories

Website URL:

Owner: Sisters Misty Kirby (and husband Trent) & Chani Reeve (and husband Ryan)

Price: $99, $299 & $499

Worth It Rating (1-10): 4.75 (Time: 5; Money: 4.5)


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  1. Oh, this is very nice and I think it is verygood one for you to share here the important information on this platform. Like many people, I have given a try into MLM and o can really confirm that making money is not easy except one can recruit active members. Distributors do not make much from selling especially when the product is controversial like this one. Some people can make it doing it though but it’s not me. Nice review

    • Thanks for visiting and I hope you did get a lot out of it. I appreciate your comment and wish you the best!


  2. Thanks for this insightful review as I had not previously heard about Paparazzi Jewelry/Accessories.  Thank you for your candid remarks as you are saving many people time and money.

    Also, I do not like programs that are mainly based on recruiting and not the value and quality of the product (s).  You have done a very good job of outlining the pros and cons of this opportunity as well as how money is earned.

    An overall rating of 4.75 basically speaks for itself.  I agree there are more profitable ways to make money than this MLM.  WA provides all the training necessary to build a viable business in any niche.  All the Best to You.

    • Hi Joseph, thanks for stopping by and reading my review. I would say that it wouldn’t be a bad company or way to make extra income if the quality of the jewelry was a little better and the customer service support was improved. Who knows, maybe they are working on it. 

      I wish you well also,



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