Good Day to Make a Decision

Do you get to feeling down about your present J-O-B?good day to make a decision - I don't know

There are many times that I get down about my current financial/employment situation.

Do I let it get to me?

Sometimes, but then I also realize that I’m working on getting myself out of that situation.

Do you have a plan to get yourself out of your financial/employment situation, so that you aren’t down about it?

Do you make good decisions when you think about the situation you’re in?

Something You Should Know

There was a study of how people feel when they are happy, depressed, or feel anxiety. This study was done at the Baltimore Medical Center and they were attempting to see if people knew when they were feeling a certain way. They also wanted to know if the participants knew what their feelings were and if there was a way to classify their feelings without just verbally expressing how they felt.

A color wheel was developed and used to help symbolize their feelings with colors. Participants feeling happy pointed to a bright yellow to designate their feelings. Participants feeling anxiously pointed to a shade of gray. Participants feeling angry didn’t point to read, but also a shade of gray. And last, of all, participants feeling depressed also pointed to a shade of gray.

This was of interest to the researchers. Gray was not what they anticipated. If you think about it, it sort of makes sense. So, what do you think of when the day is rainy and dreary? You would represent that with the color gray, or call it a “gray day”, wouldn’t you?

Why Bring This Up?

I have one reason for mentioning this…I actually got the idea from a sermon on Monday night at the church I go to. The pastor talked about the gray day thing and really told us that we are focusing on ourselves too much. That we need to bring our focus to the Lord. I cannot disagree with that, but we are human and we sometimes lose ourselves in where we need to get our peace of mind.

I also see how as humans we also focus on ourselves. Well, I’m not going to discredit the focus on where we need to be looking for peace. I am going to ask an important question…

What is the reason you look for financial answers other than what you are currently doing right now?

Why do you not look for the answer in the Bible or somewhere else?

My answer is actually on the basic premise that we are human and we don’t like to look for the answers anywhere other than within ourselves. And our general thinking is we can fix our own debt problems.

good day to make a decision - drowning in debt
Are you drowning in debt?

I’m not going to get preachy here, but I really do not believe that. I believe that God does give us a way to solve our financial problems. Now, I am not saying God told me to go into business for myself as an affiliate marketer. I am going to say the Bible gives us guidance on how we are to take care of our families.

We are not to be indebted to anyone…but we are and have been our whole lives in some way or another. We kick and scrape to make ends meet and struggle to do so almost our whole lives.

Do we ever find financial freedom? Maybe, maybe not.

I will say that whatever your beliefs, the basic tenets of life are to find a way to provide for our families. We all want to be able to not stress out about when or how our bills will be paid. We do not want to have to rely on someone else to provide the means to do that but don’t really have a choice.

We don’t have the means to do that…or do we?

My Answer to Find A Way to Take Care of My Family…

As I mentioned earlier, God didn’t tell me, “hey try affiliate marketing, I’ll help you!” But, if you were to see my profile on Wealthy Affiliates, (WA, from now on) you would know I happened upon them totally by mistake one day. I wasn’t even looking for affiliate marketing as an answer to my prayers.

Just going through the motions to using another platform and was trying to set up an account with a website called PaySpree…apparently, it didn’t really exist. I guess it was another guy’s landing page for me to get set up with WA. I am not sure exactly.

success-how do you measure it:Call To Action

But, I did sign up with WA and haven’t been happier. Originally, I was a Starter member, but three days into it I decided to go Premium…and the rest is history. See my review page to see what I am talking about for what they have to offer.

But, enough about that…let me get back to the main reason for this post…

Do You Make Business Decisions on Bad Days?

By that, I mean…do you decide to go into business for yourself on days you have bad experiences at work or do you wait until the days are going great at work?

I know you probably had something go wrong at work and are so aggravated, you decide you’ve had enough and want something better for yourself and your family.

It’s what I did. But, I also let it sit for a day and went back to WA…and finished setting up my profile and looked around at what was available. Just to see what it was about.

good day to make a decision - angry

I was angry, at exactly what, I don’t remember. Probably something petty and things just didn’t sit right with me. I decided it was time to do things my own way. My own business to bring in my own income and not have to rely on the decisions of others. Also, because I didn’t want to rely on them as my sole source of income.

In a nutshell, it was a bad day, or as mentioned above…” a gray day” for me. Many of us let our emotions get the best of us when we make decisions. I know I did that day.

Then we sort of snap out of it and think better of whether the decision was a good one or not. Again, that would also be me.

But, I did go back to WA with a clear head and saw what was available and couldn’t pass it up. At first, I thought, “this is too good to be true.” Or, “hmm, is this a scam?”

It really isn’t, and it is definitely not a “Get rich scheme”. It takes time and you have to work at it. You need to be consistent with your blogs or the work you put into it.

By that, I mean…you have to be committed to writing something every day to be successful in a reasonable amount of time. Me, well…I may not be as consistent as I should be. But, I am trying to be consistent with my posts. Time will tell.

But, there are those at WA who are super successful in what they are doing. Guys like RoopeKiuttu, JerryHuang, Nathaniell, and then we cannot forget LittleMama (Grace). All four have made it to the Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My goal is to be there either 2020 or 2021…depends on how things go for me and how busy I get at this thing called Affiliate Marketing.

In a Nutshell…and…Are There Bad Decisions?

The only bad decision to be made is the one you don’t make…sort of like the bad question analogy… it’s only bad if you don’t ask it.

You might ask, did I make a bad decision on my bad day or my “gray day”?  I think not. I did rush into a decision but in the long run…I think it is a good decision on my part.

I hope you can make a good decision on a bad day like the one I did.

See what can happen in your future…and hey, I would love to hear how you feel about this by leaving a comment below.

I wish you the best!


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