Easy Cash Club [A Review]

Product Name:  Easy Cash Club

Website URL: www.EasyCash.Club

Owner: Steve Johnson

Price: $37 with a $17 down-sell, then 3 upsells $97 then $17/month, $77 one time, and then $47 one time. All 3 are immediately after sign up

Worth It Rating (1-10): 1

I am going to ask this again as I have in my Easy1Up review…better yet, I am just going to make the assumption that you have tried some other ways to make money online.  This way, I can just cut to the chase, and again, I recommend you read my blog post I mentioned that I have tried some myself. I said it before here and elsewhere on my website: there is no such system out there that will make money fast online. 

Yes, there are scams out there…I won’t actually tell you they are scams…but you can tell by my rating system on each of my reviews whether or not they are scams. Wow, my Easy Cash Club review rates them pretty low on the rating scale as far as being legit or a scam. So, if you want to call it a scam…go right ahead…I won’t stop you. 🙂

Who Are They?

Easy Cash Club is a website I found on Clickbank and their claim to fame is that they can help you make money online fast and easily. If you know anything about making money online, there is no fast way to do it. I won’t argue about whether or not it is easy. If you have the right tools to do it, easy is a relative term, especially if you are shown how.

First, they make a lot of claims as to what they can do for you…yeah right! I hope to show you that you may want to rethink this if you are even considering joining or using their system. I actually considered joining and trying them out myself to see what it was they do. But, like you, I did my research and discovered they were not on the up and up.


Here is a list of claims they make:

   – You can make $500 the easy way in 24 hours

   – Software so easy to use your 70-year-old grandma can use it

   – Steve went from living in a tiny apartment and barely able to pay for his rusted Honda Civic to becoming a multi-millionaire in a very short time

   – Making money online shouldn’t be hard, it should be easy

   – The software Steve created allows you to create automated videos in 3 steps and post them to YouTube and see results within 24 hours

   – He was inspired by reading “4-hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss

   – The software program is free except for the cost of handling is $37

   – They have testimonials to prove it works…or do they?

So, now that the claims are out there, what can be said about them? Let’s see what makes their success or failure…



What Makes Their Success/Failure?

I’ll start with their claim about ease of use. Steve shows you in his video that anyone can do it. The video shows all this. I do have one question…

Why is the video blurred out when he is using the fried chicken recipe as an example to use the software he “gives” you?

One reason is it isn’t real or he has something to hide. If he was truly willing to give it to you free (except for handling fees) then he would allow you to see what software he is using. You cannot get a copy of it without paying first and downloading it from his site. He doesn’t give you access to it without you paying him first. So, why hide it?

Making a video to post on YouTube is a great way to make money…and yes, it is simple. One catch, you don’t get instant results as he does…

There is a reason. If you know anything about YouTube, you don’t get instant followers as he got without having at least 1000 followers on your channel. In other words, you need to create a channel, then you need to build the subscribers…without that, you have nothing. It’s in the fine print with YouTube…check it out yourself. 

He did show you one thing and if you happen to watch the sales video he has on the home page, you need an account with Google Adsense also. He barely touched on or mentioned it in passing as he was creating his video to show you how simple it was to do.

So, if you don’t have 1000 subscribers to your channel…you won’t make any money until you do. That tells me it’s a fail on his part for not mentioning that. If you are completely new to YouTube, then you won’t make anything.


The Details…

I have already shared a little bit in the section above because that is the biggest fault with his “system”. Next, I will give a few more details to further debunk some more of his claims here…

The $500 in 24 hours, debunked above. Do I need to go into more detail on that, I think not.

Software so easy to use your 70 or 75-year-old grandma can do it…well for starters, there are some seasoned citizens on WA doing the same thing I am and are very successful. They don’t need the easy software that Steve says will work for them. WA shows you everything you need with their training to be able to make money online. 

I can’t argue the possible millions that he makes off this. He flaunts the picture of a Lamborghini in the video and says he just bought one…of course, he did. It’s everyone’s dream car and by mentioning it, he creates the dream and puts it in front of you to entice you to buy his software. So, is it really…you answer that one on your own?

Making money online shouldn’t be hard, it should be easy…well, it depends on what you are trying to do. Also, depends on how much you want to make. For me, I just want to make enough that I don’t depend on overtime at my job, primarily. Now, if I make more than that, well it’s the icing on the cake for me and I get to quit my job and be able to spend more time with my family.


The key to making money online isn’t about how hard or easy it is. It’s about what is it you are trying to do…like if you are trying to use affiliate marketing it IS relatively easy, but there is still the work that is involved. You have to put in the time. There is no get-rich-quick method that really exists. Being a member of WA provides me with the training and it is true that anyone can do it as long as you follow the training.

Oops, got ahead of myself here and the last paragraph sort of addresses the software thing…by me mentioning the training WA provides…lol.

His inspiration from the book 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss, well I can’t argue that one. Everyone can be inspired by any book they read. It just depends on the book and there is no harm or foul for him mentioning this. It is about the only valid point he makes in his video at all. This one is a win for him amongst all the losses so far. 

Let’s keep going though…

Software is free except for the cost of handling…yeah to the tune of $37 and if you start to register and change your mind he down-sells it to $17. Then after paying for that, he hits you with a pop-up that you cannot get rid of to upsell another feature that will make it easier for you to make more money than he originally promised. Then somewhere along the way you get hit with another upsell, then one later on again. 

So, is it honestly free, no that is a gimmick to get you to start the sign-up process. But, I can show you one that truly is free to try. Check out my WA Review and see how that will play out for you. No upsells, except the offer to go Premium in the first 7 days to reduce the monthly membership. But, you do not have to leave because you still have the choice. It is possible to stay on the starter membership forever if you wish. 

Okay, let me get going again about Easy Cash Club…

Oh, this one is my favorite…they have testimonials to back up their claims…

The picture of Julie he has on his website, well she is a paid cuddlist that he took the picture from the Internet…check this out:

This is Julie on Easy Cash Club’s website:  see for yourself when I searched it on Google Image Search. Her real name is Amy and she is a paid cuddlist and makes $80 per hour to snuggle…LOL!

I guess Steve Johnson needs some cuddles… 

Easy Cash Club - google image search results

Ok, here is another one…this one is actually really funny. He claims in her testimonial that her name is “Mary” and that she is from the Philippines.

But, if you ever watched the reality show on TV about the Duggars, her real name is Joy-Anna Duggar.

Apparently, Steve Johnson isn’t up on some of the reality shows in the last 15 years… maybe he just doesn’t watch much TV… LOL!!

The screenshot below is from my Google Image Search…you can do the same, but don’t have to because I did it for you. 


I actually had two more that I can place here, but feel it isn’t really necessary. Mainly, because I think you get the point. 

Steve Johnson doesn’t really have any testimonials to place on his software’s website. So, he had to make up names and steal…oh wait, is that too strong a statement? Let’s say borrow then…he had to borrow images to pretend he had testimonials. 

That says a lot right there…and it is enough for me to prove that this is not a legit money-making platform or system.

I have a real one that I can show you, or you may have already seen it in my WA Review. But, I can guarantee that it is the real thing…and you’re probably thinking…of course, I would feel that way…you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliates. 

What you don’t realize is that you can even try it for free… but we can talk a little more about that later… like on my WA review page… I still have a little more to say about the Easy Cash Club.


How Long Will It Take to be Profitable?

This one is simple…looking at what I have already mentioned here…and knowing what the rules are on YouTube, you won’t make anything to be profitable anytime soon. Or at least not until you receive a following of 1000 subscribers to your channel. 


I guess it’s safe to say, forever is how long it will take to be profitable with Easy Cash Club. 


Who Can Do It?

Well, let’s see. It seems that Steve is the only one that can do this one. It’s “easy” according to his video. If you went to his website as I have it above…oh wait, it is down near the bottom of this page too. But, anyway if you did go and watch his video you would see how easy it was through the blurred image of his video.

So, I really say no one can really do it but Steve…even if his software is for real.

Worth the Time and Money?

Now is the moment where I tell you that Easy Cash Club is not worth the time or money. I wouldn’t pay the $37 at all. I almost did and glad I didn’t.

This completes my Easy Cash Club Review and this system is a total bust…but again, I won’t call it a scam. Based on what I have told you here…you can come to your own conclusion on that. 

I hope this gives you enough information to make a decision and in all actuality, helps you steer clear of Steve Johnson’s system.

Leave a comment below because I would love to hear your opinion on it too.

Product Name:  Easy Cash Club

Website URL: www.EasyCash.Club

Owner: Steve Johnson

Price: $37 with a $17 down-sell, then 3 upsells $97 then $17/month, $77 one time, and then $47 one time. All 3 are immediately after sign up

Worth It Rating (1-10): 1


I wish you the best, 

Bob Margroff


8 thoughts on “Easy Cash Club [A Review]”

  1. I have been earning online for many years now and I have never had any regret whatsoever earning online and there are many programs that promises a lot and later turn out to be trash. Easy cash club is a good platform but I doubt that they can ever deliver what they promise

    • Hi Linus, I appreciate your honesty here, but I think you may need to see what I am saying again on my review…you may have missed some of my points. I am saying that it isn’t even a valid platform…we don’t know if it really works…Steve says it works and his “testimonials” are fake…so how do we know if it is real or not. Think more on it. I wish you the best in all you do.

  2. Hello! (:

    I have read through your content, and it is very informative. I tried using Clickbank a while back, but I was really confused on how it works. I wish that there were some type of training out there for how to become successful with Clickbank or other affiliate programs other than WA. Although, I have yet to find training. 

    And is training required for “Easy Cash Club”?

    All the best,


    • Clickbank isn’t a bad deal, I am still a little bit confused at times how to use it also. My issue on my review is Easy Cash Club. I don’t have any real beef with Clickbank as I am still learning how to use it. I use the launch announcements and the new products to review there. 

      It is my way of finding websites, systems, or products to review as recommended my Kyle in the Affiliate Bootcamp training with Wealthy Affiliates. As I say in this review WA is the only real way to learn how to make money online and it isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. When I saw the rating that was given,I had to have a good laugh, I mean how else can one be loud enough to say “RUN!”. This easy cash club review is the best out there,its quite straight to the point and no sugar coats.

    It pains me to know that there are people who would totally fall for this, thereby putting more money into this guy’s pocket that he can use to bring his dreams to life, while they mourn another loss on another make money online fake program. I hope most people read this review before investing.

    • Thank you for visiting my site. I am with you and it bothers me to see the scams out there also. Its one of the reasons I do these reviews. 

      I still have more to come. Be watching for them…I wish you the best in all you do!

  4. Hey, Bob, Easy Cash Club sure sounds like a scam to me…

    Easy money in a short time frame, rags to riches story, hidden costs, false testimonials, on and on it goes!

    This has all of the hallmarks of every scam I have come across… I even wonder if Steve Johnson is a real person?

    I certainly think your rating of 1 is justified in this case… glad you didn’t get sucked into it and hopefully this article will stop others as well!

    • Hi John, thanks for visiting.

      I have to agree with you here…as this is one of those cases where doing the research has kept me from spending unnecessarily to try a get rich quick scheme.

      Such is the case for Easy Cash Club. Now, being a member of Wealthy Affiliates is the place to be…because no where does it say anything about being a way to get rich quick…in fact they tell us the opposite.

      The best part about WA is that anyone can try it for FREE! And you can stay on as a starter member as long as you want.

      Again, thanks for commenting and the visit to my site.



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