Does Having Money Make You Happy?

Interesting question…does having money make you happy? I am willing to bet that you may answer with a resounding “YES”, to that one. I am going to see where this takes me…who knows, we may discover together whether this is something that holds true to you or even me.


Well, if we are to figure it all out let’s start with that is the best place that I can think of to get the beginning of our research, such as it is…

Now, I put the word “money” into Google’s search bar and hit “return”, it returned 3.75 billion hits or websites about money. If you take it further and see what movies are out there…I came up with 40+ movies on the topic of money. It was either in the title or description. Still, the word money was there.

Amazon…what did they say as far as books on the topic? Or just in the title alone…over 70,000 books were on Amazon when I did my search.

What does that say about money?

It tells me that we think about it a lot for there to be that many books, movies, or even Google hits with the word money…

There are lots of things that we use money for…food, a car, a house, a boat, a really nice vacation, or anything that your heart desires. No matter what – we need money to live, eat, and even to get around.

Oh, we cannot forget that there are a lot of different ways to earn money. We can work for someone else to trade our time for pay. You can sell something to earn a living. Or hey, here’s a novel idea…you can write a blog and earn an income doing that…hmm, I wonder where I got that idea…LOL!

You get where I’m coming from here…wait, there is more on this topic…

It is necessary for everything we do. We can use it as a tool that it should be, or we can hoard it and be greedy with it and keep it for ourselves and not share it. We can even do good with it, by giving to charities.

In all the uses for money, it still comes down to be a necessary evil in my view for everything in life. But, I still haven’t answered whether it makes you happy.

Well, let’s see what happiness is all about now…


Well, guess what, I “googled” that too.  794 million hits on Google for that. There are only 10+ movies about it or with the word “happiness” in the title. Oh, let’s not forget Amazon…there are over 60,000 books about it or with the word in the title.

So, now we have it…money gets more hits than happiness.

Big deal…right?

What does this tell us about happiness?

Well, there are different ways to achieve that also. I want to say there are more ways to happiness than there are to spend or make money. It all depends on the individual…I am more concerned about you though… what makes you happy?

Spending time with family?

Spending money? LOL!!

]Sitting on the beach and watching the sun come up or go down?

Maybe just taking a walk and enjoying nature?

The possibilities of how to be happy can be so much more diverse than making money.

Oh, wait, maybe making money can make you happy. I like the idea of being able to give it away. To be able to do things with money to make other people happy.

Oops, I think I may be getting ahead of myself here…I have one more thing to show you with my minimalist research method…


I bet you figured out what I am about to say…

Yep, you guessed it…I “googled” the two words together like this: “money+happiness”…and do you know what happened?

Here’s my results:  Google:  647 million hits, over 3000 books about the two topics together or at least with them both in the title.

Movies: too many to list or even see what the results really are. This part included YouTube videos, and I wasn’t looking for that in my results.

Oh well…

Anyhow, there is a direct correlation between money and happiness. There is also an indirect correlation between the two in my opinion. Either way, there is a connection to some extent.

Now, I am not a scientist and I am not trying to be all scientific about all this.

It’s just that in my gut, I can get all excited when there is a possibility of winning a great deal of money in a lottery or whatever windfall that gives you extra money that you weren’t counting on.

You get it, right?

That giddy feeling you get when you can buy something that you’ve always wanted.

Imagination Time

Now that we’ve had our little time about money and happiness…what would you do?

If money or the lack of it wasn’t holding you back…

Would you buy a new car?

A new house?

A boat?

Stash it away for safekeeping?

Invest it?

Pay off your debt?

I can think of a couple of things that I would do…I’d pay off my student loan, pay off my house, pay off my credit card debt…the list goes on, as usual. It can be depressing just thinking about it.

Time to Stop Pretending…

Yes, I said it…Time to stop pretending!

With that, I mean to say it’s time that you put your mind to doing something about it. I am assuming if you are reading this you have also seen my other blog posts on this site.

If not, click here to see what I may be referring to. It’s time to consider going into business for yourself. Take your income into your own hands.

Stop letting others control what or how much money you make. Decide if you want to continue the dead-end job, punching a time clock, or whatever it is you are doing right now to make money.

If it isn’t enough, ponder what it would be like as I alluded to earlier in this post. BUT DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

I mean no offense here. I have dreamed of helping others for so long. Yes, I would like to clear my debts, but helping someone else clear their debts by showing them what is possible for them is really my passion.

Do I want my debts clear, yes? It’s just that seeing the smile on someone else’s face knowing they are (or maybe even you) making more time for themselves or time with their family.

Now that there is another way and they don’t have to spend so much time at work anymore.

The possibility of making someone else happy is my happiness. My debts can wait. I want to see yours clear. At the same time, I eventually hope to clear mine also.

If you have seen my other blog posts, then you know that my Wealthy Affiliate review describes how to do just that…

Do you see your own happiness?

It’s a simple question…

I have another one for you… Does having money make you happy?

I can see in some cases, that it can. But, it isn’t everything to me. It will help me with some things, but money alone, won’t make me happy.

I find my happiness in others…making other people happy, maybe even you…

I wish you the best…


4 thoughts on “Does Having Money Make You Happy?”

  1. Whenever these two words are associated with each other many people are quick to say money can’t buy happiness but I have always felt like that is only true if you are taking that phrase literally. You can’t literally buy  happiness but it can be achieved if you don’t have to be stuck at work making money to pay the bills and have time to do things that could make you happy. Great read, take care.

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. I agree, it can make you happy with the things you are able to do, just as long as it isn’t relied on to be all that make you happy. Great point, thanks.

  2. Hello Bob. You’re so right on point. Having money will make me more than happy. If I can make good money, I will get a good car and a beautiful house. Yeah. I’m doing something that would enable me get the money. About three weeks ago, I joined Wealthy Affiliate and my life is gradually changing. I definitely recommend this platform for anyone looking to be FINANCIALLY dependent doing business online.

    This post is motivating. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks for visiting and as a side note…I am quite pleased with the training, support, and encouragement that is provided by Wealthy Affiliates (the platform, and fellow members). I wholeheartedly agree with you on so many levels. I wish you the best in your future at WA.


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