At Last, The Secret to How To Make Money Online Writing Reviews Is Revealed!

How to make money online writing reviews - easy money

Have you ever wondered how some people make money online the easy way? Or even asked, “Is there an easy way to make money online?” 

I do it all the time. Even though I am in the process of trying to do it now. I have been searching for years and finally figured out how to make money online by writing reviews.

Reviews? You may ask… my answer is yes reviews. You know that this is a blog website. But, if you already looked around a little you may also notice that I write reviews here also. There are a variety of reviews I write. Mostly, you see that I do reviews on MLMs. 

Now you may want to know one more thing…

Is It Really Easy?

Not really… but it can be by following some simple training.

After you learn how it will seem like it is easy. But, only after you have put in the time and work. And as long as you remain consistent and aren’t afraid to at least try. 

Afraid to try – that’s one of my biggest fears… that and NOT being successful. But that will be a blog for another time. My priority here is to show you how easy it is to write a review

Basically, I will explain my process when researching a topic or company to do a review. There are three things I do. That is, once I decide on a topic or company to review. My example here will be MLMs. They are the easiest to get information and there are tons of information about all of them on the Internet. It also helps if you have little experience with them and are familiar with their products.

Researching an MLM:

Again, this is after I have my topic. If you need an understanding of how to find a topic, check this out.

Then use Jaaxy to do some keyword research. If you want to know how to do this, check this blog out. So, to access Jaaxy, you will need a Jaaxy account, you don’t have to have a Wealthy Affiliates account for this. Just click the link and it will take you to the Jaaxy website. Anyone who writes blogs can use Jaaxy if you have an account with them. 

Okay, enough about that… I then research the keywords that I intend to use. Usually, it consists of the name of the MLM company that I am doing the review on. For example, when I researched Amway, I used many different ways that I would think that someone may be trying to look them up. 

“Is Amway worth my time?”, “Is Amway a scam?”, you name it. There are different ways to find a keyword that works well for you. You just have to know what people will type into Google to get their results. Now, once you have a keyword. You will need a little information about the company you intend to review. 

Google Search for Information

Do you know the best way to get information on any MLM out there? Google it. Then after you do that read any and all blog posts about them to get a feel for their business. One more way to dig up information is to go to Wikipedia as well. The Better Business Bureau is another place to get information about an MLM also. 

Of course, the best place to get information is from the business’ website. Now, it is much better if you have some experience with the company you are doing your review. If you do not have experience with them… be sure to state that in your review. You do not want to lose credibility with your readers if you don’t have the experience and make your reader believe that you do. 

Compile Your Data

Once you gather all the information for the company then write the review. There are a few things you may want to keep in mind as you write the review. Is the company well known? How did you hear or discover them yourself? 

This may also be the same reason that someone is reading your review in the first place. You may be asking or wondering why I write reviews in the first place? 

My reason, I understand what it feels like to spend a whole bunch of time and money invested in the company and then find out or realize that you’re losing money. Your upline doesn’t really care about your success, because your success feeds them and makes them a success.

That’s what I found out when I got involved with Amway, then Quixtar, then Amway again… LOL! I say it like that because of the way Amway tried to branch out online… you can read a little about it here.

So, What’s The Point?

There’s one thing that makes it all worth it in the long run… I am not helping myself feel better by writing about the scams and turning the tables on them. Well, it does a little. But, the biggest joy I get is helping someone like you realize there are bad companies out there. 

They are trying to take advantage of you and believe that getting your money is a way to be successful, regardless of how they hurt you. They say they are trying to help you. There is only one way to help… show how to be successful and don’t be one to benefit from the success of others. 

Simple, huh? That is what I do. The only one successful from me being successful is me. Yes, I spend money to be a member of Wealthy Affiliates. But, there is so much I get in return from them. Oh yes, I won’t lie… I would get a commission from you using my affiliate links to arrive and become a member of Wealthy Affiliates. how to make money online writing reviews - wa refreral

But, whatever you do on your own website, is all yours. I don’t benefit AT ALL! You will have your own affiliate links and if you decided to do the same, then you will be the sole beneficiary of your own hard work. 

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you everything (the link gives you an example of what I am talking about) you need to build your own website and do exactly what I do. Or if you have another area of interest. Pursue that and build on that to make money with affiliate links for others to shop and you will get those commissions. The best part… it can be done for FREE to start!

So To Close…

Are you interested in writing blogs or reviews to make money? Or just to help others with some sort of problem… or are you passionate about a hobby or other interest? You can write blogs and reviews on actual products for purchase… something to be bought from Amazon, Walmart, or any other company out there.

There is a wealth of information or topics that can be reviewed. Product reviews are also another type of review, but you get the point. It can be easy if it is a topic you are passionate about. That would give you tons to write about and never run out of ideas. 

Think about it… it isn’t that difficult now, is it? So, now you know how to make money online by writing reviews.

Click here if you are serious about giving Wealthy Affiliate a try…

See ya on the other side if you do…

Oh and one thing you need to realize. If you click to join as a Starter member… you will only have access to me for the first 7 days, however, joining as a Premium member gives you 100% access to me forever through their messaging system. 


I wish you the best!!

Bob Margroff

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