About Bob – I need to leave my job

Bob MargroffWelcome to no-more-time-clocks.com, I’m glad you are here and hope you look around. This is going to give you a rundown of who I am and explain my reasons for this website.

Bob’s Story

Hey there, I’m Bob! I am currently employed with a bearing company as a machine operator. And this has been my job for the last 29+ years. I do enjoy my job, but it takes too much of my time and it barely makes ends meet.

So, as much as I get fulfillment from what I do, the 60-70 hours a week were great, but it took me away from my family. And as much as I like what I do, I just prefer to be spending time with my wife and daughter more than I do now.

Are you feeling like you would like to spend time with your family? If you are like me, you would definitely like that. Well, let me tell you that I can help you with that. In the process of discovering where I wish to be to find a better way to spend more time with my wife and daughter… I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and am in the process of learning a better way to make passive residual income. 

Overtime at work is slowing down and I needed to find a supplement to my current income… “a side gig”. None of us ever plan on depending on higher income through overtime, but it seems to happen to all of us. Over time we start falling into that trap of waking up, going to work, coming home, eating dinner, going to bed, and repeating the process again and again…I’ll bet you do not like the position that puts you in. I don’t. 

It comes to a point that both the husband and the wife end up having to work to make ends meet. A good example is my wife, Karen. She has started a new business of her own (offline) and cannot afford to give time to an employer to work full time either. Now if you are married and are in the same boat we are, you can relate. Believe me, it’s easier when both people in a marriage work. But, it shouldn’t need to be like that. Yeah, I know. I’m old-fashioned in my view… but the better way would be for neither of us to have to work outside the home. My wife’s business has taken off and she is a successful (and busy) pet-sitter in the Sumter, SC community. 

Is there a solution to my problem?

There is…and I alluded to it a little bit earlier. and it won’t hurt my bank account either…in fact, it can only help. I now show others how to do the same. Adding to my income is a bonus, but it really isn’t about the income for me. But, I am thankful for whatever comes my way. It is a simple thing called Affiliate Marketing… heard of it?  It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, it does require some work. If you would like, you can see a little bit about the platform or program I work with to do this.

It is a platform that has a community of people helping other people do the same thing, it’s called Wealthy Affiliates as I already mentioned. I currently have a network of over 1400 other members there and they have helped me immensely. So, you’re never alone while doing this. The training actually guides you step by step on how to build a website…and more.

Oh, and did I mention you can get started at no cost to you… all for free?! It’s the only one I know that guides you through building your own website and placing affiliate links somewhere within the space of the pages or posts. If someone clicks the links on your page or post and buys something at the website you linked, you can get paid a commission. There are other platforms or systems out there, but you pretty much have to have a website already.

Like I said already, with Wealthy Affiliate they show you how to get started and then take you through the entire process. Creating the website literally takes only about 30 seconds to get it started. So, in less than a minute of your time, you could be on your way to creating a website to begin the process of making passive income as well. You only need to follow the step-by-step training provided. 

My Goal and Real Purpose for this:

I wish to be able to spend more time with my wife and daughter. I also wish to help you do the same, but with your own family, not mine… with enough work time and my help you can earn passive residual income with affiliate marketing as well. I have started to grow this and if you want to do the same, we all will be able to eventually leave our jobs to do this on a full-time basis. 

Take a look around my site and see what you think…I think this IS something you can do too! Oh, I recommend visiting my Wealthy Affiliate review post…it’ll give you a better idea of what I do and possibly you too. Think about it…


I wish you the best,


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